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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2)


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):63-7

Inguinal hernias: “tension free suture less” vs. “tension free no suture less” techniques. Our experience

Petronella P., Scorzelli M., Campitiello F., Della Corte A., Pellegrino M., Freda F., Canonico S.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):69-72

Open heart surgery: comparative prosthetic valve utilization at two centers

Eze J. C., Nwafor I. A., Ezemba N.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):73-8

Effect of pneumonectomy on pulmonary artery pressure and right ventricular function

Cumbo-Nacheli G., Tonelli A., Dweik R. A.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):79-83

Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: myth or reality? An old question with a new perspective

Landi A., Ruggeri A. G., Mancarella C., Delfini R.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):85-92

Prevalence and risk factor of significant coronary artery disease in patients with rheumatic heart disease undergoing prosthesis replacement

Li B., Tan M., Yan T., Zhang G., Lu F., Wang C., Li L., Han L., Xu Z.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):93-6

The Broken Heart Syndrome in acute neurological injury. A troublesome source of secondary brain insults

Defillo A., Nussbaum E. S., Pulivarthi S., Zelensky A., Nussbaum L. A.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):97-100

Hemodialysis access induced distal ischemia treatment with pressure monitorization assisted banding

Yuksel V., Huseyin S., Ozdemir A. C., Canbaz S., Ege T.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):101-10

Intraspinal ependymomas: case series study of myxopapillary and intramedullary ependymomas

Figueiredo N., Brooks N., Hanna A., Baskaya M. K., Trost G. R., Resnick D. K.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):111-4

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and coronary surgery

Ergüneş K., Gokalp O., Sahin A., Yurekli I., Ozpak B., Yetkin U., Yilik L., Gurbuz A.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):115-9

The effect of payment and working system of specialist surgeons on the rate of negative appendectomy in different types of hospitals in Turkey

Kiliç M., Balci S., Irkkan Ç., Yetişir F., Ebru Salman A., Bilal Ozkardes A., Buluş H., Narci A., Ozaydin I., Guler G.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):121-3

Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor associated to dentigerous cyst

Morelli Heiderich De Mattos A., Sampaio Queiroz C., Suruagy Motta Padilha W., Nunes Dos Santos J., Flores Campos P. S.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):125-8

A case of vascularized fibula bone graft in the treatment of a wide metacarpal enchondroma

Sassu P., Burrai S., Cara L.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):129-31

A rare case of bowel perforation caused by a phytobezoar: case report

Scipioni F., Verre L., Mazzella A., Piccolomini A., Carli A. F.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):133-5

Deceased renal transplantation on a patient with sickle-cell nephropathy secondary to HbSC sickle cell disease

Giorgakis E., Cacciola R., Puliatti C.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):137-40

Perianal giant condyloma acuminatum (Buschke-Lowenstein tumor): report of 3 cases

Leone V., Misuri D., Giovane A., Console N., De Chiara A., Faggi U.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):141-3

Two cases of fibrolipomatous hamartoma of the median nerve: long-term results of carpal tunnel release

Tada K., Ikeda K., Suganuma S., Segawa T., Tsuchiya H.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):145-9

Deep venous thrombosis associated with central venous catheter

Battistelli S., De Donato G., Tirone A., Gaggelli I., Savelli V.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):151-3

Gastric lesser curve necrosis: a case report

Maternini M., Fattori L., Orsolini M., Calcinati S., Degrate L., Romano F., Nespoli L., Uggeri F.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):155-62

Thoracic spine solitary osteochondroma causes spinal cord compression and myelopathy: report of two cases and literature review

Lv F., Ma X., Jiang J., Zhang F., Xia X., Wang L.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):163-5

Gastric GIST: a case report with an inusual bleeding

Cirillo F., Vismarra M., Martinotti M.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):167-9

How to manage small left atrium in repair for total anomalous pulmonary venous connection in adult

Wang H. B., Zhang W., Zhao Y. W.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):171-5

Surgical treatment of refractory epilepsy caused by angiocentric glioma: case report and literature review

Feng R., Bi H. X., Sun C. Z., Hu J., Zhang F. L., Pan L., Zhang H. S.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):177-9

Saphenous vein graft pseudoaneurysm mimicking septic false aneurysm of thoracic aorta

Navaratnarajah M., Mahesh B., Mensah K., Mittal T., Raja S., Gaer J.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):181-3

Revision total hip arthroplasty of a Kyocera ABS cup which produced abnormal sounds before dissociation and fracture: a case report

Inatani H., Kabata T., Maeda T., Yoshida H., Kajino Y., Tsuchiya H.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):185-7

ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in a young male patient with polyarteritis nodosa

Ozben B., Yesildag O., Hunuk B., Tanrikulu A. M.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):189-90

Carcinoid tumor of the Vater’s papilla: case report

Pariani D., Pizzi M., Zetti G., Cortese F.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):191-3

Bronchogenic cyst of the interatrial septum

Jiang H., Wang H. S., Wu H. B., Li X. M.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):195-6

A rare case of primary adenocarcinoma of the duodenum

Donisi M., Salvati V., Magno L., Galloro G., Amato B., Sivero L.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):197

LGCP as a promising alternative in bariatric patients with gastroesophageal reflux

Giorgakis E., Kourkoulos M.


Chirurgia 2013 April;26(2):198-9

Collapse of the unified synaptic channel and loss of consciousness in brain cortical pathology

Bondì M.

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