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In this Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Licensor - Shall mean Edizioni Minerva Medica (hereinafter referred to as the Publisher).

Licensee - Shall mean the individual purchasing an online subscription (hereinafter referred to as the Subscriber).

Subscription Fee - Shall mean the subscription fee payable by the Subscriber for the Licensed Material as set out in the journal subscription price list.

Licensed Material - Shall mean the online version of each of the Publisher’s journals for which the Subscriber holds a current individual subscription for online access or which includes online access.

Commercial Use - Shall mean use of the Licensed Material by the Subscriber or any third party for the purposes of monetary reward by the means of the sale, resale, loan, transfer, hire or other form of exploitation.

Subscription Period - Shall mean the period January-December.

If the Subscriber subscribes to more than one of the Publisher’s journals online, this License shall govern each subscription and the Subscriber’s use of each of the Publisher’s journals online.

Grant of License
Upon receipt of the Subscription Fee, the Publisher grants the Subscriber a non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable right to access and use the Licensed Material with subscriber code, user name and password for the purpose of research, teaching and private study.
On expiry of the Subscription Period, the active Subscriber shall be entitled to continue to exercise the rights granted by this Agreement for the Subscription Period, with the exception of any portion of the Licensed Material that has been removed from the archive, damaged or sold. The means by which the Subscriber shall have access to such Licensed Material shall be in a manner as determined by the Publisher. Where any Licensed Material is sold, the Publisher shall use every reasonable endeavour to ensure that the purchaser can provide ongoing access to the Subscriber for the relevant portion of the Licensed Material.

The Publisher holds the copyright for all works published in the Licensed Material, as a compilation and as individual articles, unless otherwise expressly noted.

The Subscriber shall not claim ownership of the Licensed Material, or any intellectual property rights in the Licensed Material, by virtue of the use of or access to the Licensed Material.

Terms and conditions
All use of the Licensed Material is subject to all applicable copyright laws and fair use conventions. Reproduction of any portion of the Licensed Material is permitted as follows:

Permitted uses
The Subscriber may:

Non-permitted uses
The Subscriber may not:

Subscriber responsibilities
The Subscriber is prohibited from making agreements for access to the Licensed Material with any third party (individuals, organisations, vendors, affiliates, or partners).

The Subscriber will not knowingly permit anyone else to use the Licensed Material. If the Subscriber becomes aware of unauthorised access to the Licensed Material, the Subscriber will notify the Publisher immediately and co-operate in locating and attempting to stop the specific individuals who are abusing the service. If the specific abuser(s) cannot be identified or stopped, the Publisher has the right to withhold, suspend, or terminate access to all or any portion of the Licensed Material, without liability.

The Subscriber will be responsible for all costs necessary for accessing and viewing Licensed Material including equipment, software, phone lines and internet connection.

Publisher responsibilities
The Publisher shall make Licensed Material available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.. However, the Publisher will not be liable for damages or refunds should the access become unavailable, slow or incomplete due to system back-up procedures, internet traffic volume, upgrades, overload of demand on the servers, general network failures or delays, or any other cause which may from time to time make the access unavailable to the Subscriber.

Warranty and Liability
The Publisher represents and warrants that it has the power to enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights conferred herein to the Subscriber and that the Licensed Material does not violate or infringe upon any patent, copyright, trademark or other proprietary right or contract right of any third party.

While the Publisher tries to ensure the accuracy and completeness of content of the Licensed Material, it does not warrant or guarantee that the content of the Licensed Material is either complete and accurate or error free and suitable for any particular purpose.

In no circumstances is the Publisher liable to the Subscriber or any third party for any damages or losses of any nature arising out of the use of or inability to use the Licensed Material.

The Subscriber agrees that the entire liability of the Publisher with respect to the Subscriber arising out of any kind of legal claim in any way connected with the use or inability to use the Licensed Material shall be the refund of the Subscription Fee paid to the Publisher for online access to the Licensed Material.

The Publisher and Subscriber shall not be responsible to each other for any failure to perform any obligation under this Agreement due to acts of God, war, riot, embargoes.

The Subscriber shall indemnify the Publisher for any violation of this Agreement or of any third party’s right (including but not limited to infringement of any copyright, violation of any proprietary right and invasion of any privacy right).

The Subscriber shall indemnify the Publisher for any damage arising from unauthorised use or dissemination of the Licensed Material.

The Publisher may terminate this Agreement if the Subscriber commits a breach of any provision of this Agreement and fails to remedy such breach within 10 days of notification in writing by the Publisher.

Alterations to this Agreement are only valid if they are recorded in writing and signed by both parties.

In the event that any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, the remainder of the provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

This Agreement is subject to the laws of Italy. Any action arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be brought to courts situated in Turin, Italy.

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