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The treatment of melanoma


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This book provides an overview of melanoma skin cancer and illustrates the most recent advances in the field of its clinical management. Today, thanks to new treatments like targeted therapies and immunotherapies, about 50% of metastatic patients can be cured and healed. Moreover, recently, such treatments have proven effective in the adjuvant setting by reducing the risk of disease progression and the mortality rate by 30-40%. Melanoma management represents a model for immuno-oncology, and starting from the experiences made in this field, today immune checkpoint inhibitors can also be successfully used to treat other neoplasms. However, in spite of the good results achieved, mortality rates are still high. For this reason, we still need to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying primary and acquired resistance, and to find ways to extend the long-term benefits that have been recently achieved in resistant patients.


Melanoma: epidemiology and risk factors

Federica Bellerba, Oriana D’Ecclesiis, Ketty Peris, Sara Gandini

Diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma

Ignazio Stanganelli, Giovanni Pellacani

The molecular basis and pathology of melanoma

Gerardo Botti, Monica Cantile, Giuseppe Palmieri, Daniela Massi

The role of the tumor microenvironment in melanoma

Mariaelena Capone, Gabriele Madonna, Paolo Antonio Ascierto

Cutaneous melanoma surgical treatment

Mario Santinami, Corrado Caracò

Adjuvant therapy of melanoma: state of the art

Alice Indini, Vanna Chiarion-Sileni, Mario Mandalà

Targeted therapy in advanced melanoma

Anna Maria Di Giacomo, Monica Valente, Paola Queirolo

Immunotherapy in metastatic melanoma

Ester Simeone, Antonio Maria Grimaldi, Paolo Antonio Ascierto

The role of the microbiota in immunotherapy efficacy

Carlotta Catozzi, Paolo Antonio Ascierto, Luigi Nezi

The role of radiotherapy in melanoma

Valentina Borzillo, Paolo Muto, Sandra Demaria

Mechanisms of resistance to therapies for melanoma

Giuseppe Palmieri, Nicola Normanno, Giovanni Fucà, Massimo Di Nicola, Maria Colombino, Annalisa Cristao, Michele Del Vecchio

Biomarkers in advanced melanoma

Alessandro M. Minisini, Pier Francesco Ferrucci, Domenico Mallardo, Paolo Antonio Ascierto

Management of side effects

Lucia Festino, Marco Palla, Luigi Scarpato, Vito Vanella

Is there still a role for chemotherapy in advanced melanoma?

Virginia Ferraresi, Michele Guida

Uveal and mucosal melanoma

Francesco Spagnolo, Martina Angi

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