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Current technologies and adjuvants in endovascular aortic repair


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This book summarizes the current knowledge, experiences and developments in order to update the readers in this thrilling field and help them in their clinica! practice. The Authors collected all the major topics from the preoperative work-up to the procedura! techniques and postoperative surveillance.


A brief history of endovascular repair of the aorta

Frank J. Criado

The preoperative planning: current morphometric assessment in aortic pathology

Nilo Javier Mosquera Arochena, Laura Romero Vázquez

The real usefulness of 3D printing for patient-specific stent graft design

Jake F. Hemingway, Benjamin W. Starnes

Anesthetic techniques for endovascular repair of thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms

Purificación Matute, Marc Giménez-Milà

Clinical role of simulation on EVAR and TEVAR

Jason A. Lawson, Xun Luo, Guy F.J. Martin, Celia Riga

Standard endovascular aortic aneurysm repair procedure: the best conditions to succeed

Nilo Javier Mosquera Arochena, Laura Romero Vázquez

Iliac bifurcated devices and other techniques to preserve hypogastric flow: which, when, and how to apply

Xavier Yugueros, Carla Blanco, Montserrat Esturrica, Gaspar Mestres

Percutaneous technique and closure devices

Giovanni Pratesi, Gian Antonio Boschetti, Martina Bastianon, Luigi F. Rinaldi

Update on fusion for standard and complex EVAR/TEVAR

Stevo Duvnjak,Tara M. Mastracci, Timothy Resch

Update on IVUS usefulness for standard and complex EVAR/TEVAR

Jesus Porras-Colon, Martyn Knowles, Carlos H. Timaran

Update on endovascular navigation with the Fiber Optic RealShape (FORS) technology

Jurre Klaassen, Constantijn E.V.B. Hazenberg, Joost A. van Herwaarden

Update on the usefulness of carbon dioxide angiography in endovascular repair of thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms

Andrea Vacirca, Sergio Palermo, Veronica Mirandola, Mauro Gargiulo

Update on robotics for EVAR/TEVAR procedures

Marton Berczeli, Peter Legeza, Alan B. Lumsden

Endovascular techniques and adjuvants for short necks, juxtarenal and pararenal aneurysms

Dominic W. Proctor, Maria Nicola, Guy Martin, Colin Bicknell

Exceptional access procedures for thoracic endovascular aortic aneurysm repair

Gaspar Mestres, Xavier Yugueros, Rafic Ramses, Vincent Riambau

Endovascular repair of thoracic aneurysms

Gaspar Mestres, Xavier Yugueros, Victor Gonzalez, Vincent Riambau

Endovascular repair for acute aortic syndromes

Enrico Rinaldi, Diletta Loschi, Annarita Santoro, Roberto Chiesa, Germano Melissano

Aortic trauma: indications and technical tips for TEVAR

Shruthi Nammalwar, Donald Baril, Cassra Arbabi, Ali Azizzadeh

Endovascular repair of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms: all you need to know

Mark R. Tyrrell, C. Jason Wilkins, Stéphan Haulon

How to prevent spinal cord ischemia during endovascular aortic repair

Xavier Yugueros, Carla Blanco, Roger Puigmacià, Purificacion Matute

Update on endovascular techniques for aortic arch repair

José I. Torrealba, Giuseppe Panuccio, Tilo Kölbel

Current indications and technical tips for the frozen elephant trunk technique

Eduard Quintana, Jorge Alcocer, Alessandro Affronti, Robert Pruna-Guillen

An update on the endovascular approach for the ascending aorta

Roman Gottardi, Tim Berger, Stoyan Kondov, Martin Czerny

How to prevent stroke during thoracic endovascular aortic repair

Lydia Hanna, Richard Gibbs, Mohammed Hamady

New techniques in abdominal and thoracic endovascular aortic repair surveillance

Laura Capoccia, Wassim Mansour, Pasqualino Sirignano, Luca Di Marzo

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