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A Journal on Vaccines and Vaccination

2 issues

pISSN 1720-6545

eISSN 2724-1181


Aims and scope

Il Giornale della Vaccinazione, an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal on Vaccines and Vaccination,
publishes two issues per annum and is one the most prestigious journals in this field of great interest today
due to the presence of pandemics.
Il Giornale della Vaccinazione publishes scientific papers on vaccines and vaccination and all the most modern
research in this area.
Manuscripts may be submitted in the form of editorials, original articles, review articles, case reports, special
articles, letters to the Editor and guidelines.
The Journal offers a fast and rigorous peer review process as well as open access options.
Il Giornale della Vaccinazione welcomes articles on a wide variety of topics related to research in vaccinations
and its results.

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