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A Journal on Internal Medicine

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Most read articles over the last three weeks

Minerva Medica 1999 May-June;90(5-6):179-86
Mirizzi's syndrome
Vadalà G., Basile G., Rimmaudo G., Pappalardo A., Evola G., Vadalà S.

Minerva Medica 2002 December;93(6):453-6
Mondor's disease. Spectrum of the clinical and pathological features
Fietta P., Manganelli P.

Minerva Medica 2012 April;103(2):73-96
Cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis
Jongen P. J., Ter Horst A. T., Brands A. M.

Minerva Medica 2006 October;97(5):443-7
Pubic symphysis sclerosis in psoriatic arthritis. Case report
Maruotti N., Corrado A., Santoro N., Trotta A., Quarta L., Cantatore F. P.

Minerva Medica 2014 August;105(4):275-81
Reducing fall risk in the elderly: risk factors and fall prevention, a systematic review
Pfortmueller C. A., Lindner G., Exadaktylos A. K.

Minerva Medica 2015 August;106(4):203-14
Meta-analysis of osteoporosis: fracture risks, medication and treatment
Liu W., Yang L.-H., Kong X.-C., An L.-K., Wang R.

Minerva Medica 2003 February;94(1):19-28
The hemophagocytic syndrome (macrophage activation syndrome)
Fietta P., Manganelli P.

Minerva Medica 2016 February;107(1):39-53
The clinical risk factors associated with postoperative bile leakage after hepatectomy: a meta-analysis
Junjie HONG, Xiaofeng ZHANG, Raojun LUO, Xiujun CAI

Minerva Medica 2016 April;107(2):101-7
Long non-coding RNA-LET can indicate metastasis and a poor prognosis: a meta-analysis
Fang T. LIU, Pei Q. ZHU, Yang X. OU, Quan S. LIN, Cheng QIU, Hong L. LUO

Minerva Medica 2016 April;107(2):114-22
Fentanyl citrate sublingual formulation (Vellofent®) for quick BTcP hindering

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