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Psychotherapy in parenthood and beyond

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• What are the new developments in psychology and related fields that are useful for a better understanding of parenthood and the later stages of life?
• What can films and media teach us about family dynamics across cultures?
• How can we learn from literature and its long history to tackle issues related to aging and death?
• What clinical guidelines can be offered to mental health and related professionals for the effective treatment of families across the life span?
This book includes contribution from acknowledged experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, education and literature. Each offers creative and innovative insights for a better understanding of the pressing needs for clinicians to accommodate the changing profile of family structure and dynamics. The volume begins with a summary of the sociodemographic findings related to family composition, then providing a rationale for the contents and aim of the book. Each chapter culminates with a series of clinical guidelines for health practitioners, that are designed to motivate readers to explore these innovative ideas in their working environments (clinics, private practice of schools). The book aims to provide essential information for diverse professionals, especially psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, general practitioners as well as educationalists.
Promoting mental health in adulthood and later life
The biopsychosocial model of mental and physical illness
Changing the face of parent development: holistic/systems-developmental therapy for parents
“Possums”: building contextual behavioural science into an innovative evidence-based approach to parenting support in early life
Parents as active partners in social and emotional learning at school
Film, family and changing context
Contemporary models of intervention throughout life’s cycle
“The last act”: literary perspectives on aging
Shifting values: aging, elders, and the long view of life

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