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Insomnia across the life-span

Clinical practice and research perspectives


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This book in a timely manner summarises the state of the science concerning all aspects of insomnia occurring over the lifes-span and under many different circumstances. Given the impressive progress we have experienced concerning insomnia and its diagnosis, pathophysiology/aetiology and treatment in the last decades we might be tempted to answer the question “Can we rest yet?” with “Yes!”. However, this would be a bit premature with respect to the many open questions still facing us in the area of insomnia. Thus, at this point, we want to highlight some avenues for future research and clinical practice we think to be of high importance.


Epidemiology and Associated Burdens of Insomnia

Damien Léger

Insomnia: Nosology and Classification

Dieter Riemann, Raphael J. Dressle

Pathophysiology of Insomnia: from Experimental Models to Clinical Syndromes

Dieter Riemann, Fee Benz, Lisa Steinmetz, Anna F. Johann, Raphael J. Dressle

Genetics of Insomnia

Tiina Paunio

Clinical Interview and Self-report Questionnaire: a Mainstay of the Clinical Evaluation of Insomnia

Giorgia Varallo, Christian Franceschini

Assessing Insomnia with Objective Measures

Bernd Feige, Lukas Frase

Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of Insomnia: General Aspects

Chiara Baglioni

Pharmacological Treatment of Insomnia: General Aspects

Laura Palagini, Valerio Caruso, Dieter Riemann, Angelo Gemignani

Insomnia in Children: from Infancy to School Age

Oliviero Bruni, Valeria Mammarella, Marco Angriman, Raffaele Ferri

Insomnia in Adolescents

Ramona Cordani, Julie Rolling, Carmen M. Schroder, Lino Nobili

Insomnia, Autism, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Juliette Rabot, Ramona Cordani, Raïssa-Marie Chevrot, Lino Nobili, Carmen M. Schroder

Insomnia in Young and Middle-Aged Adults: Prevalence, Clinical Phenotype and Consequences on Health

Raffaele Manni, Riccardo Cremascoli, Michele Terzaghi

Insomnia in Pregnancy

Laura Palagini, Mario Miniati, Valerio Caruso, Angelo Gemignani, Mauro Manconi, Dieter Riemann

Insomnia and Menopause

Paola Proserpio, Davide Villa

Insomnia in the Elderly

Enrica Bonanni, Domeniko Hoxhaj, Biancamaria Guarnieri

Insomnia and Shift Work

Sergio Garbarino

Insomnia and Mental Disorders

Laura Palagini, Mario Miniati, Angelo Gemignani, Dieter Riemann, Pierre A. Geoffroy

Insomnia in Neurological Disorders

Stefan Seidel, Karin Trimmel, Nina Müller

Insomnia and Cardiovascular Diseases

Carolina Lombardi, Alessandro Silvani

Insomnia in the Hospitalized Patient

Raffaele Manni, Riccardo Cremascoli

Insomnia: Comorbidities and Differential Diagnosis with Other Sleep Disorders

Carlotta Mutti, Marcello L. Salvatelli, Liborio Parrino

Insomnia During COVID-19 Pandemic

Valeria Bacaro, Debora Meneo, Monica Martoni, Bernd Feige, Ellemarije Altena, Francesca Gelfo, Dieter Riemann, Chiara Baglioni

Future Perspectives in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Insomnia

Dieter Riemann, Raffaele Manni, Lino Nobili, Laura Palagini

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