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Video atlas of middle ear surgery


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Being this book an atlas, mainly addressed to young colleagues, the author did not fear and hesitate to supply a redundant iconography and to repeat possibly easy concepts. Both in the video and in the text, in fact, even the easy and standard surgical maneuvershave been repeated many times, with the double purpose to enhance/automatize their learning and, by presenting a case with all the details and steps, to train the less experienced reader to learn a clinical and surgical philosophy and strategy. In addition, it has been decided to describe completely the path of clinical management for every presented case, even repeating standard steps and easy maneuvers. And this, instead of asking the reader to jump too often from one part to the other of the book, but letting him comfortably follow the clinical and surgical sequence that is being described. Needless to reiterate emphasizing that what presented is the experience accumulated by the author during his thirty-year otologic surgery and it is the result of the author’s both theoretical study and practical learning, achieved by watching experienced surgeons. The young colleague is thus recommended to read this book, as it is always necessary to do, with critical (although hopefully positive) approach, and with open mind.


Graduated from the University of Modena (Italy). Post-graduated in Otorhinolaryngology (University of Modena), Clinical Audiology (University of Milan) and Microsurgery and Experimental Surgery (University of Milan). He worked at the ENT Department of the University Hospital, in Modena. Since 2005, he has been the head of the ENT Unit of “Augusto Murri” Hospital, in Fermo (Italy).


Short history of middle ear surgery

Clinical cases and databases

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