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The treatment of ovarian cancer


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The book aims to improve the knowledge in prevention, medical and surgical treatment of ovarian cancer reporting the state of the art and also looking at the future in terms of innovation in treatment and clinical research. It will represent a valid instrument and pragmatical tool to increase expertise of all clinician involved in the treatment of ovarian cancer, geneticists, medical oncologists, gynecological oncologists, surgeons and molecular biologists.


Non epithelial OC: stromal tumors

Maria Rosaria Raspollini

Borderline ovarian cancer

Martina Delle Marchette, Robert Fruscio, Tommaso Grassi, Mariachiara Paderno, Serena Negri, Marta Jaconi, Fabio Landoni

Ovarian cancer screening: myth or reality?

Verena Wieser, Christian Marth

The role of surgery in newly diagnosed patients (choice of patients)

Valentina Ghirardi, Anna Fagotti, Giovanni Scambia

HRD the new BRCA? Test methodologies and implication for treatment and preventive strategies

Cristin Roma, Alessandra Sacco, Raffaella Pasquale, Nicola Normanno

The role of secondary surgery

Jalid Sehouli, Jacek P. Grabowski

First-line medical treatment of ovarian cancer

Eve Merry, Michael J. Flynn, Jonathan A. Ledermann

Platinum sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer: current treatments and new challenges

Kathleen N. Moore, Shannon N. Westin, Thomas J. Herzog, Bradley J. Monk, Robert L. Coleman, Megan Buechel

Treatment and definition of recurrent disease: patients for which platinum is not an option

Carmen Garcia-Duran, Nadia Saoudi, Ana Oaknin

Nonepithelial ovarian cancers: stromal tumors

Brunhilde Hanvic, Alexandra Lainé, Isabelle Ray-Coquard

Non-epithelial ovarian cancer: germline tumours

Lindsay Hennah, Michael J. Seckl

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