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Bone tumor management in interventional radiology


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Interventional Oncology (IO) is a rapidly evolving field of interventional radiology specifically dedicated to cancer patients. The main advantages of IO treatments are related to the systematic application of image-guidance allowing precise tumor targeting; the minimally invasive profile resulting into fast patients’ recovery and fast resumption of systemic therapies; and the synergic effect with all the other available treatments including surgery, radiotherapy and systemic therapies. In the last few years, many patients have already benefited from IO, especially in the setting of liver, lung and kidney tumors; however, few IO treatments are currently provided on a large scale to patients presenting with bone tumors, despite several different experiences have already proven all the aforementioned advantages in the etting of bone tumors. Accordingly, the aim of this monograph is to contribute to spread out knowledge about IO applied to treat bone tumours among the medical community in order to help patients presenting with such disabling disease to profit the most from these novel treatments.


Roberto Luigi Cazzato. Currently serves as Associate Professor of Radiology at the University Hospital of Strasbourg (France). In the same hospital, he has completed a 3-year fellowship in interventional radiology, following the residency training in Rome (Italy). Author and co-author of numerous papers, his main area of interest in clinics and research is vascular and extra-vascular interventional oncology.


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