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Handbook of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery


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Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery has become a solidly established branch of Neurosurgery, with a continuous progression because of rapidly increasing knowledge in Neuroscience and technological developlemts in imaging and computer graphics.
It is reason to believe that many young neurosurgeons will be excited and strongly attracted by the vigorous developments and advancements expected in Functional Neurosurgery in the next years.
This book arises from the contributions of many leading Italian functional neurosurgeons and neurologists and il aims to provide, in a single source, a relatively comprehensive overview of the main aspects of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery.
History of stereotactic neurosurgery in Italy
General Principles
General principles of stereotactic surgery and intracerebral biopsy
Stereotactic frames: technical considerations
Movement Disorders
The pathophysiology of basal ganglia
Deep brain stimulation for dystonia and other movement disorders: indications and presurgical assessment
Dystonia: clinical assessment and surgical treatment
Deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor
Targenting in deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease
The deep brain stimulation of nucleus tegmenti peduncolopontini: a target for Parkinson’s disease
Deep brain stimulation in Tourette’s syndrome
Motor cortex stimulation for movement disorders
Functional anatomy and pathophysiology of chronic pain
Surgical therapy for pain
Motor cortex stimulation in neuropathic pain
Stimulation of the posteromedical hypothalamus: facts and hypotheses for he treatment of painful syndromes of the face, behavioural disorders and multifocal epilepsy
Surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia
Neurosurgical treatment of neuropathic pain with spinal cord stimulation
Peripheral subcutaneous stimulation for intractable pain
Role of the drug delivery systems in the treatment of pain
Psychiatric Disorders
Basal ganglia and psycho-affective disorders
Vagus nerve stimulation in resistant major depression
Deep brain stimulation of the nucleus accumbens in obsessive compulsive disorder: clinical, surgical and electrophysiological considerations
The neurosurgical treatment of spasticity
Selective dorsal rhizotomy for spasticity
Motor cortex stimulation for post-stroke spasticity
Preoperative non invasive electrophysiological evaluation and neuroradiological examination in epilepsy surgery
Invasive preoperative evaluation in epilepsy surgery: Stereo-Electro-Encephalo-Graphy (SEEG)
Non lesional epilepsy surgery
Surgery for lesional epilepsy
From resection to disconnection: hemispherotomy and multiple subpial transaction
Current concepts in vagus nerve stimulation for intractable epilepsy
Bladder Disorders
Sacral nerve modulation in the treatment of neurogenic voiding disorders
Stereotactic radiosurgery to date: potentials and limits
Radiosurgery for movement disorders
treatment of neurogenic voiding disorders

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