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Journey towards closing the loop


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Insulin pumps are medical devices used for the administration of insulin in the treatment of diabetes. This method, also known as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) therapy, has been used alongside traditional insulin infusion by syringe. With the passing of years, technology made these devices more and more sophisticated and available for everyone.
This book provides students with a highly authoritative overview on the use of insulin pumps. The reader can travel through the history of pumps, starting from the first archaic devices to the smartest and automatic pumps of the new millennium. Students can also examine the role of insulin pumps in ameliorating the monitoring of diabetes during decades: how the continuous evolution of constructive strategies positively contributes to the lifestyle of people affected by diabetes, improving glucose monitoring and preventing complications induced by bad glycemic control. Many useful clinical cases have also been exhaustively illustrated, in which CSII was applied (diabetic patients, non-diabetic patients, use of CSII at home or during hospitalization, etc.), so as to give students an initial guideline for the use of this therapy.
A historical perspective on the use of insulin pump in diabetes management
Insulin pump therapy (CSII): overview, indications, clinical and economic outcomes and mortality reduction
Current guidelines on insulin pump therapy (CSII) and relevant regulatory aspects
CSII in different special settings
Insulin pump therapy in type 2 diabetes
Real time CGM: current state of the art
Sensor Performance (MARD)
Sensor Augmented Pump therapy in pediatric and adult population
Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in non-diabetic patients
Data Management Solutions for Better Clinical Insights
Personalized insulin delivery with Automatic Suspension towards closing the loop
Closing the loop: another step forward

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