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Handbook of endocrinology and metabolic diseases


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Students and doctors need an easy-to-use, practical and self-explanatory text to keep in their pocket. This Handbook of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases is aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at students on degree courses in medicine and other related courses. When studying Endocrinology, a textbook available for easy reference, rich in tables, images, figures, diagrams and synoptic charts for a more direct reading of the data and notions given, is certainly useful. It can facilitate learning and offer an easy-to-consult tool when the intention is to correlate the information received with other diseases.


Diseases of the hypothalamus and adeno-neuro pituitary

Ernesto Maddaloni, Donatella Rausa, Gaia Tabacco, Silvia Egiddi

Thyroid diseases

Giuseppe Defeudis, Andreea Soare, Anda M. Naciu, Lavinia Monte, Luigi Bonifazi Meffe, Andrea Palermo

Hyperparathyroidism and hypoparathyroidism

Andrea Palermo, Rossella Del Toro, Alfonso M. Di Tommaso

Diabetes and its complications

Paolo Pozzilli, Manon Y. Khazrai, Rossella Del Toro, Giulia Leanza, Lavinia Monte, Gaia Tabacco, Anda M. Naciu, Silvia Egiddi, Silvia Pieralice


Andrea Palermo, Ernesto Maddaloni, Alfonso M. Di Tommaso


Nicola Napoli, Francesca Cannata, Camilla Isgrò, Giulia Leanza, Flavia Tramontana, Viola Viola, Alfonso M. Di Tommaso


Dario Tuccinardi, Elvira Fioriti, Andreea Soare, Shadi Kyanvash, Giovanni Rossini, Alfonso M. Di Tommaso

Autoimmune polyendocrininopathies

Silvia Pieralice, Rocky Strollo, Silvia Egiddi

Multiple endocrine neoplasia

Silvia Manfrini, Anda M. Naciu, Luigi Bonifazi Meffe

Diseases of the adrenals

Silvia I. Briganti, Rocky Strollo, Andreea Soare, Luigi Bonifazi Meffe

Diseases of the male gonads

Giuseppe Defeudis, Silvia Pieralice, Luigi Bonifazi Meffe

Diseases of the female gonads

Daria Maggi, Giovanni Rossini, Silvia Egiddi

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