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Manuscripts of the 18th European Vascular Course


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Manuscripts of the 18th European Vascular Course presents the latest developments in the multidisciplinary treatment of vascular patients today. The book includes contributions from vascular physicians, surgeons, radiologists, interventionists and other experts in vascular diseases, as they were presented at the 18th European Vascular Course, organized in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Evidence overview for shunting, patching, type of endarterectomy and anesthesia during carotid surgery
Identifying the high-risk carotid plaque
Strategies for optimizing the safety of carotid stenting in the hyperacute period after onset of symptoms
Ultrasoundveillance after CAS and CEA: what’s the evidence?
Carotid and coronary disease management prior to open and endovascular aortic surgery. What are the current guidelines?
Open repair for aortic occlusive disease: indication, techniques, results, tips and tricks
Chimney grafts in aortic occlusive disease
Challenging access in endovascular repair of infrarenal aortic aneurysms
The current endovascular therapeutic spectrum for short neck and juxtarenal aneurysms
Fenestrated and branched stent-grafting after previous open or endovascular aortic surgery
Endoleaks after EVAR and TEVAR: indications for treatment and techniques
Anatomic changes of target vessels after fenestrated and branched aortic aneurysm repair
Techniques to reduce radiation and contrast volume during EVAR
Acute aortic syndromes: definition, prognosis and treatment options
Uncomplicated type B dissections: which patients should be treated? Lessons learned from the recent literature
Do we need long-term follow-up after EVAR and TEVAR or can we simplify surveillance protocols?
Spinal cord ischemia in open and endovascular thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair: new concepts
Late rupture after EVAR: a new trend?
Optimizing the pharmacotherapy of vascular surgery patients by medication reconciliation
A new shunting concept to prevent lower limb ischemia/reperfusion injury in prolonged fenestrated stent-graft procedures
Acute ischemia and bypass occlusion: current options
Management of peripheral arterial disease and the diabetic foot
Current techniques and strategies for anesthesia in patients undergoing peripheral bypass surgery
Homografts and extra-anatomical reconstructions for infected vascular grafts
Popliteal artery entrapment syndrome
Popliteal artery aneurysm: when open, when endo?
CT angiography to evaluate hemodynamic changes in popliteal artery aneurysms during flexion and extension of the knee joint
Facts that every vascular surgeon needs to know about the diabetic foot
Nutrient free flaps with vascular bypasses for extremity salvage in patients with chronic limb ischemia

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