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Peripheral arterial interventions

Practical guide

Zoltán RUZSA; Stanislaw BARTUS; Balázs NEMES

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In this book, the authors have attempted to provide an introduction to the anatomy, imaging, clinical decision-making, and complex techniques of peripheral arterial circulation. The book is directed primarily to fellows in training, but it will also be useful for interventionists who are interested in learning new interventions such as endovascular procedures. It is intended to be comprehensive in scope, yet its greater purpose is to simplify clinical decision-making, to understand the role and technique of the intervention, and to give an up-to-date review of the literature. The main parts of the book focus on perioperative treatment and imaging, and a description of the devices and techniques used in peripheral vascular interventions. The authors have included the currently available evidence-based long-term results from the literature with practical comments. Because the amount of data coming from the large multicenter clinical trials is still very limited, some of the surgical techniques described come from their clinical practice, but also from the experience of their teachers and long discussions during scientific meetings. The new generation of dedicated peripheral stents, drug-coated balloons, and wires, as well as the new unconventional approaches, indicate the potential direction for progress, development, and improvement of long-term follow up of the treatment. The goal of this book is to cover the different scientific and technical aspects regarding endovascular peripheral artery treatment strategies including the most important regions of interventions. The text of the book is oriented for clinical practitioners and it can also serve as a practical guide, particularly for fellows and young interventionists.


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