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Handling of aortic and peripheral arterial pathologies


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Handling of Aortic and Peripheral Arterial Pathologies presents the latest developments in the multidisciplinary treatment of vascular patients today. The book includes contributions from vascular physicians, surgeons, radiologists, interventionists and other experts in vascular diseases, as they were presented at the 21st European Vascular Course, organized in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Safety of carotid revascularization within 48 hours of symptomatic presentation
Evidence for periprocedural antiplatelet therapy, heparinization and bridging of coumarin therapy in carotid revascularization
Anatomic criteria determining high-risk carotid surgery patients
Evidence overview: anatomical criteria determining patients at high risk for carotid stenting
Evidence overview: benefit of cerebral protection devices during carotid artery stenting
Biobanking in carotid artery disease: translation to clinical practice
Is volume important in aneurysm treatment outcome?
Tips and tricks in vascular access for (T)EVAR
Planning endovascular aortic repair with standard and fenestrated-branched endografts
Failure modes and secondary endovascular interventions after endovascular aortic repair
Treatment of acute thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms
Overview of the current knowledge on etiology, natural history and treatment of aortic dissection
Long-term results of outside “instructions for use” EVAR
Learning curve in fenestrated and branched grafting
What should we expect from the hybrid room?
Evidence for and risks of endovascular treatment of asymptomatic acute type B aortic dissection
Current management of inguinal false aneurysms
Follow-up and surveillance of vein grafts: when and how to intervene to prevent complications
Management of ambulatory (day case) endovascular procedures for peripheral arterial disease
Supervised exercise therapy: it does work, but how to set up a program?
Management of acute aortic thrombosis
Chronic mesenteric ischemia: when and how to intervene on patients with celiac/SMA stenosis
How to manage hypertension with atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis?
Acute mesenteric ischemia: current multidisciplinary approach
How can a vascular surgeon help in kidney transplantation
Arterial pathologies in athletes

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