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History of aortic surgery in the world

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Every time we are in the operating room and we ask for a De Backey forceps or a Fogarty clamp, every time we describe a thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm according to Crawford’s classification, or reattach an artery with a Carrell patch, we commemorate a little piece of the history of aortic surgery. But do we know the whole story? Aortic surgery is now a mature discipline. However, this is only tank to the ingenuity and the pioneering work of many masters of the past. As several once-challenging aortic procedures become routine operations, it is easy to forget the stories of the innovators who made it possible. This book is a tribute to those great surgeons: a trip back in time and across continents to capture their fascinating accounts. We wish to thank wholeheartedly all the colleagues who contributed to this book. It is a great privilege to have been able to chronicle the origins of endovascular aortic procedures from the pens of the pioneers themselves. Because the origins of open aortic procedures precede our generation, those chapters have been written by the “pupils” of he pioneers, now world-famous surgeons themselves and chiefs of the most important vascular surgery institutions in the world. We have truly enjoyed these amazing and intriguing stories of men and women ahead of their time who invented the techniques, instruments and devices that have crafted aortic surgery into what it is today. Their tales of innovation not only educate, but reinvigorate our love for this discipline.
Section I Specific Issues

The origin of TEVAR
History of the Development of Endografts in the Americas
Early Endovascular Grafts at Montefiore Hospital and their Effect on Vascular Surgery
In memoriam of Roy K. Greenberg
History of Aortic Trauma Care
Aortic Combat Wounds
Surgical History of the Ascending Aorta
History of Anesthesia for Aortic Surgery
History of Aortic Imaging
History of Marfan Syndrome
History and Evolution of Endografts: Point of View of the Engineer
Aortic Surgery from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century
Section II History of Aortic Surgery in Italy
Aortic Surgery at San Raffaele Hospital
Endovascular Surgery in Italy
Edmondo Malan – A Great Man and an Unforgettable Master of Surgery and of Life
Aortic Surgery in Milan: Ugo Ruberti
Giorgio Agrifoglio, Pioneer of Vascular Surgery in Milan
Aortic Surgery in Naples
Development of Aortic Vascular Surgery at the University of Bologna
Aortic Surgery in Rome
Aortic Surgery in Florence
History of Vascular Surgery in Padua University
Aortic Surgery in Turin
Aortic Surgery in Sicily
History of the Italian Society for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (SICVE)
The Role of Italian Aortic Surgeons in the Scientific World
Section III History of Aortic Surgery in Europe
History of Aortic Surgery in France
Edouard Kieffer
In Memoriam of Edouard Kieffer
History of Open and Endovascular Aortic Surgery in Great Britain
History of Aortic Surgery in Germany
History of Aortic Surgery in Spain
History of Aortic Surgery in Switzerland
History of Aortic Surgery in Scandinavia
History of Aortic Surgery in the Netherlands
History of Aortic Surgery in Russia
History of Aortic Surgery in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Serbia
History of Aortic Surgery in Greece
History of Aortic Surgery in Portugal
Section IV History of Aortic Surgery in the Americas and in the Rest of the World
Open Aortic Surgery in the USA
Evolution of EVAR in the USA: the First Ten Years
History of TEVAR in the USA
History of Aortic Surgery in Brazil
History of Aortic Surgery in Canada
History of Aortic Surgery in Hong Kong
History of Aortic Surgery in India
History of Aortic Surgery in Australia and New Zealand
History of Aortic and Vascular Surgery in Israel

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