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Invasive functional assessment in ischemic heart disease


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This timely volume contains expert opinions and summaries of the current state-of-the-art in invasive coronary physiology, bringing together all the facts needed to provide a solid grounding for readers of all levels of understanding: for those seeking to understand hyperemic and non-hyperemic pressure ratios commonly in use in everyday clinical practice, to those wishing to learn more about the current groundswell of enthusiasm for assessment of the coronary microcirculation and provocative testing for vasospasm, and those wanting to engage with some of the evolving controversies around functional assessment in a variety of clinical scenarios: all of these are covered in an easily-accessible and eminently-readable format.


Fractional flow reserve (FFR) when assessing the hemodynamic significance of coronary stenosis

Emanuele Gallinoro, Carlos Collet, Emanuele Barbato

Non-hyperemic pressure ratios in the assessment of coronary stenoses

Michael Michail, Nick E. J West, Stephen P. Hoole

Coronary microvascular assessment

Enrico Cerrato, Alejandro Travieso, Marco Pavani, Javier Escaned

Invasive coronary provocative tests for vasomotility evaluation

Rocco Antonio Montone, Giulia La Vecchia, Michele Russo, Filippo Crea

Invasive functional assessment after PCI

Antonella Scala, Simone Biscaglia, Gianluca Campo, Federico Di Giusto, Antonio Maria Leone, Carlo Trani

Invasive assessment of MVO in STEMI

Samuel B. Wopperer, Adrian P. Banning, Giovanni Luigi De Maria

Management of non-culprit lesions in patients with ACS

Giorgio Benatti, Filippo Gurgoglione, Salvatore De Rosa, Giampaolo Niccoli, Ciro Indolfi

Functional assessment in stable coronary artery disease and acute coronary syndromes: clinical implications

Rocco A. Montone, Riccardo Rinaldi, Filippo Crea

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