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The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 2020 Jan 23

DOI: 10.23736/S0022-4707.19.10368-4


lingua: Inglese

Physical playing pattern and ecological validity of the YoYo-IR1 test in U-19 female basketball

Nidhal BEN ABDELKRIM 1, Mohamed Ali NABLI 1, 2 , Karim CHAMARI 3

1 Tunisian Research Laboratory ''Sports Performance Optimization'', National Center of Medicine and Science in Sports (CNMSS), Tunis, Tunisia; 2 Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, University of Carthage, Bizerte, Tunisia; 3 Athlete Health and Performance Research Centre, ASPETAR, Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, Doha, Qatar


BACKGROUND: Understanding the physical activity, the physiological profile and the repeated sprint bouts (RS) nature of U-19 female basketball during official games could help coaches to plan their training. However, they are not extensively researched, as well as, the ecological validity of the Yo-Yo Intermittent-Recovery Test level-1 (YoYo-IRT1). The aims of this study were to determine :1) the physical and physiological demands of U-19 elite-female basketball; 2) the relationship between the YoYo-IRT1 and game physical-activity; 3) and the RS nature in U-19 basketball.
METHODS: Computerized motion-analysis, heart-rate (HR) and blood lactate concentration [La] were measured in 30 players during eight U-19 games (the play-off stage of Tunisian league). They performed YoYo-IRT1. A RS was defined as a minimum of 3-sprints, with recovery of less than 21-sec in-between any of sprints’ set.
RESULTS: Players spent ~13%, ~29.2% and ~25.2% of total live-time in high, moderate to low-intensity activities, whereas in-between efforts’ recovery corresponded to ~32.6%. They spent ~57% of playing-time in high HR-zone (85-95 %HRmax). Players performed an average of 6.4 RS per-player per-game, each bout including 3 to 5-sprints. The mean of sprint duration was 2.1 ± 0.4 sec, with a mean recovery time equal to ~8.8-sec. A significant correlation was also observed between [La] and the time spent in high-intensity activity for the 5-min of play prior to blood sampling (r=0.52, p<0.05). A significant correlation was found between YoYo- IRT1 performance and the %time spent in sprint and total high-intensity activities (r=0.67, p=0.001 and r= -0.72, p<0.001, respectively).
CONCLUSIONS: This study showed that U-19 elite-female basketball is a moderate to high- intensity activity, with the Yo-Yo-IR1 test being a good-predictor of physical game- performance.

KEY WORDS: Competition; Velocity; Oxygen-consumption; Capacity; Effort

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