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The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 2013 June;53(3):312-8


lingua: Inglese

Work volume in strength training is not affected by rest interval strategy

Monteiro W. D. 1, 2, Venturim F. O. 1, Perez A. J. 3, Farinatti P. T. V. 1, 2

1 Salgado de Oliveira University Physical Activity Sciences Graduate Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 2 Rio de Janeiro State University, School of Physical Education and Sports, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 3 Espírito Santo Federal University, School of Physical Education, Vitória, Brazil


Aim: Between-set rest intervals (RI) may be determined using exercise-recovery-ratio (ERR) or fixed periods. The study investigated the influence of different ERR and fixed RI on the training volume in sessions aiming for hypertrophy with upper-body exercises recruiting different muscle mass (bench press-BP and triceps extension-TE).
Methods: Sixteen men (25±2 years, 78±6 kg, 178±5 cm) with previous experience in resistance training performed 5 sets of maximum repetitions in each exercise with five RI protocols (RR1:3 [I3]; ERR1:5 [I5]; ERR1:7 [I7]; increasing ERR [IP] (1:3-1:5-1:7-1:9); 2-min fixed [2F]) in a counterbalanced design. The number of repetitions and work volume (load x repetitions) in each set and along the sessions (load x repetitions x sets) were compared across the RI protocols.
Results: The maximum repetitions decreased along with the sets in both exercises, but TE had lower percent decrease compared to BP, due to a longer time to perform the sets and therefore longer absolute rest time (P<0.05). The I3 exhibited the lowest repetitions sustainability (P<0.05). The training volume in I7, IP and 2F was always higher than I3 and I5 (P>0.05). However the absolute RI in 2F (~2 min) was shorter than in I7 and IP (~3 min), which reduced the total duration of the training session.
Conclusion: Determining between-set RI based on ERR instead of using fixed intervals does not enable more work to be done in multiple-set/high intensity resistance training sessions.

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