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The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 2001 September;41(3):362-70


lingua: Inglese

Reproducibility and reliability of measurements using a linear isokinetic dynamometer, Aristokin®

Lenaerts A., Verbruggen L. A. *, Duquet W. **

From the Department of Motoric Rehabilitation * Rheumatology and Physical Therapy Unit, Academical Hospital ** Department of Human Biometry and Biomechanics, Free University Brussels, Brussels, Belgium


Background. This ­study was per­formed to inves­ti­gate the ­intra-observ­er repro­du­cibil­ity and reli­abil­ity of meas­ure­ments ­using a lin­e­ar iso­ki­net­ic dyna­mom­e­ter (Aristokin®).
Methods. Sixteen ­female vol­un­teers (age 18 to 23 ­years) par­tic­i­pat­ed in 4 ­test ses­sions, ­each con­sist­ing of 6 warm­ing-up move­ments fol­lowed by 6 rep­e­ti­tions of 4 dif­fer­ent move­ments. During ­each ses­sion, the sub­jects con­sec­u­tive­ly per­formed lift­ing move­ments by flex­ing ­elbows and shoul­ders (at 65 cm per sec­), ­total lift­ing move­ments ­with ­arms and ­legs (at 65 cm per sec­), and exten­sion move­ments of the ­legs in sit­ting posi­tion (at 40 and 60 cm per sec­). The ­first 3 ­test ses­sions ­were per­formed at a week­ly inter­val, the 4th was exe­cut­ed 4 ­weeks ­after the 3rd ses­sion. Force, pow­er and explo­siv­ity (force devel­oped per sec­) ­were record­ed.
Results. The ­intra-observ­er repro­du­cibil­ity was inves­ti­gat­ed of the 6 rep­e­ti­tions of the move­ments dur­ing ­each ­test ses­sion. The high­est repro­du­cibil­ity for ­mean ­peak pow­er and ­force was ­found in the com­bi­na­tion of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th meas­ure­ment (intra­class cor­re­la­tion coef­fi­cient 0.85 to 0.99). Using ­this com­bi­na­tion, the ­intra-observ­er reli­abil­ity was inves­ti­gat­ed, ­defined as the con­sis­ten­cy of ­results ­obtained dur­ing the 4 ­test ses­sions, per­formed at a week­ly or long­er inter­val. Comparison ­between ­these ses­sions ­showed ­that the ­results for ­mean ­force in the arm move­ment dif­fered sig­nif­i­cant­ly (p=0.01) ­although a ­high ­between ses­sions cor­re­la­tion was ­found (0.96). Results for ­mean ­force and pow­er for the 3 oth­er move­ments ­were reli­able, and no sig­nif­i­cant learn­ing ­effect was ­observed. Lower reli­abil­ity and repro­du­cibil­ity ­were ­observed for oth­er param­e­ters includ­ing explo­siv­ity and pow­er and ­force at the ­first 0.25 sec­ of the ­test move­ment.
Conclusions. Even ­after stan­dard warm­ing-up move­ments, the ­first 2 out of 6 meas­ure­ment rep­e­ti­tions dur­ing a ­test ses­sion are not repro­du­cible and ­should not be ­used in cal­cu­la­tions of the ­results. For the com­bi­na­tion of the 3rd to 6th rep­e­ti­tions, a ­high reli­abil­ity was ­found for the meas­ure­ment of ­mean ­force and pow­er of the ­total lift­ing move­ment and of the sit­ting leg exten­sion move­ments repeat­ed in 4 ses­sions ­over a peri­od of 6 ­weeks.

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