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The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 2001 March;41(1):89-94


lingua: Inglese

Hormonal and metabolic response in elite female gymnasts undergoing strenuous training and supplementation with SUPRO® Brand Isolated Soy Protein

Stroescu V., Dragan J. 1, Simionescu L. 2, Stroescu O. V. 1

From the Department of Pharmacology, University of Medicine, Bucarest 1 Institute of Sport Medicine 2 Institute of Endocrinilogy, Bucarest, Rumania


Background. This ­study eval­u­ates the meta­bol­ic and hor­mo­nal ­response in ­elite ­female gym­nasts under­go­ing stren­u­ous train­ing and sup­ple­men­ta­tion ­with ­SUPRO® Brand Isolated Soy Protein.
Methods. Experimental ­design: 14 top ­female gym­nasts (Romanian Olympic Team), ­took ­part in a ­study to exam­ine ­their hor­mo­nal meta­bol­ic pro­file and to inves­ti­gate any pos­sible chang­es result­ing ­from a 4-month pro­gram of stren­u­ous train­ing and dai­ly sup­ple­men­ta­tion ­with soy pro­tein at a lev­el of 1 g/kg ­body ­weight. Gymnasts ­wtare ran­dom­ly ­assigned to one of two ­groups sev­en to the Supplemented Group (A) and sev­en to the Non-Supplemented Group (B). Both ­groups ­took ­part in the ­same pro­gram, ­wich con­sist­ed of stren­u­ous train­ing for 4-6 ­hours/day (­except on Sunday, con­trolled ­food ­intake and sup­ple­ments includ­ing vita­mins and min­er­als. Group A ­received a sup­ple­ment of Sports Beverage Protein Mix ­with ­SUPRO® Isolated Soy Protein (ISP) ­twice dai­ly. Group B ­received a pla­ce­bo iden­ti­cal in appear­ance and fla­vour. Selected param­e­ters ­were meas­ured ­before and ­after the 4-­month train­ing pro­gram (­lean ­body ­mass, fat ­mass, ser­um hemo­glo­bin, pro­tein, ­fats, ­urea and crea­ti­nine, liv­er ­enzymes, ser­um ­total cal­cium and mag­ne­sium, immu­no­glob­u­lins, uri­nary mucop­ro­teins, ser­um T3 and T4, estrad­i­ol, pro­ges­te­rone, pro­lac­tin, tes­tos­te­rone and uri­nary 17-ketos­ter­oids).
Results. Results dem­on­strat­ed ­that the Supplemented Group (A) had an ­increase in ­lean ­body ­mass and ser­um lev­els of pro­lac­tin (p<0.01) and T4 and a ­decrease in ser­um alka­line phos­phe­tas­es (p<0.01). The Non-Supplemented Group (B) had a ­decreased lev­el of ser­um T4 and an ­increased lev­el of uri­nary mucop­ro­teins (p<0.05).
Conclusions. Our pre­lim­i­nary con­clu­sions ­might sug­gest low­er meta­bol­ic-hor­mo­nal ­stress in ­elite ­female gym­nasts un­der­go­ing stren­u­ous train­ing and who ­received dai­ly sup­ple­men­ta­tion ­with iso­lat­ed soy pro­tein.

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