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Panminerva Medica 2002 September;44(3):261-4


lingua: Inglese

Vitamin E and carotene status in pre-eclamptic pregnant women from India

Mohindra A., Kabi B. C., Kaul N., Trivedi S. S.

Department of Biochemistry and Obstetrics and Gynaecology Lady Harding and Maulana Azad Colleges University of Delhi, New Dehli, India


Background. The imbalance between oxidative stress and the protective antioxidant system of the body enhanced the free radical mediated membrane lipid peroxidation and possibly the vascular endothelial damage due to peroxidation plays a major role in the aetiology of pre-eclampsia. With present day awareness on micronutrient antioxidants, we did investigate vitamin E and carotene status in Indian pre-eclamptic pregnant and full term normotensive pregnant women. Fresh vegetables and oils are considered to be good sources of vitamin E and carotene. The subjects were used to have good intake of fresh vegetable and oil as per Indian standard prescribed by Indian council of Medical research (ICMR) for this sub-continent.
Methods. The blood samples were processed for RBC vitamin E, serum carotene and serum cholesterol analysis. Routine laboratory tests like hemogram, serum urea, urate, malonyldialdehyde, urine sugar and albumin were performed.
Results. All pregnant subjects, both cases and control were maternal and gestational age matched. Routine check up showed no significant differences in means of white blood cell count, Hb/hematocrit and platelets. Serum urate and malonyldialdehyde were significantly raised in pre-eclamptic cases. The severely affected pre-eclamptic cases (diastolic BP >100 mmHg with proteinuria 2+ and more) showed markedly low levels of vitamin E and carotene whereas their levels were comparable between mild cases (diastolic BP <100 mmHg with±trace albuminuria) and normotensive pregnant control.
Conclusions. The study concluded that the levels of vitamin E and carotene were markedly lowered in severe pre-eclamptic pregnant women from India. The mild pre-eclamptic cases did not show noticeable changes from that of control pregnant women. Further studies are needed to verify their therapeutic and prophylatic roles against pre-eclamptic complication suring pregnancy.

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