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Minerva Biotecnologica 2010 March;22(1):9-16


lingua: Inglese

Hydroxyapatite conditioned medium enhance the osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

Yao X. 1, Ji H. J. 2, Liu Y. K. 2, Cai Y. 3, Zhao X. 2, Tang R. 4, Zhang M. 2

1 Department of Surgery, Huzhou Central Hospital, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China 2 Department of biotechnology, College of Life Science, ZheJiang University, HangZhou, China 3 College of Materials and Textile, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou, China 4 Department of Chemistry, College of Science, ZheJiang University, China


Hydroxyapatite (HAP) surface was demonstrated to promote osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs), and has been used as substrate in BMSCs in vitro culture. However, HAP as substrate can hardly be used in large scale cell culture. Moreoverit retards cell growth. In this study, we demonstrated the effect of HAP conditioned medium on osteogenic differentiation and proliferation of BMSCs, which can possibly serve as alternative of HAP surface to achieve enhanced osteogenic differentiation of BMSCs. HAP conditioned medium were prepared by soaking HAP particles in culture medium at a concentration of 50 mg/mL for 3 days. BMSCs isolated from rabbits were cultured with HAP conditioned medium, on HAP coated films and on standard culture substrate condition as control. Osteogenic differentiation of the cells in each group was evaluated by expression of alkaline phosphatase, collagen I, osteopontin and osteocalcin of the cells. Their proliferation was evaluated by cell number at different time points. Results showed that, HAP conditioned medium have a similar promotional effect on osteogenic differentiation of BMSCs, but are more favorable to cell growth compared with HAP surface. In conclusion, HAP conditioned medium, which is easier to prepare, cheap, and ready for use, is promising to serve as an effective way to achieve enhanced ostegenic differentiation of BMSCs in future clinical application.

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