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International Angiology 2011 June;30(3):262-71


lingua: Inglese

Alfa-Smooth muscle actin, fibrillin-1, apoptosis and proliferation detection in primary varicose lower limb veins of women

Bastos A. N. 1, Alves M. M. R. 2, Monte-Alto-Costa A. 1, Machado D. G. 1, Cavalcante G. J. C. 2, Panico M. 2, Porto L. C. 1

1 Laboratory of Tissue Repair, Histology and Embryology Department, Institute of Biology Roberto Alcantara Gomes, Rio de Janeiro State University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 2 Angiology Service, Pedro Ernesto University Hospital, Rio de Janeiro State University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


AIM:The role of SMC apoptosis and proliferation was correlated to the amount of fibrillin and alfa-smooth muscle actin of primary varicose veins.
METHODS: Twenty varicose vein specimens were atraumatically harvested from 20 women undergoing lower extremity primary varicose vein excision. The patients were divided into groups according to age (<50 years, >50 years) and the presence of leg edema (CEAP, class 2 or 3). The surface density of fibrillin-1 fibers (Sv Fbn-1]), the volume density of smooth muscle cells: (Vv[SMC]), the number of proliferating and apoptotic cells per area. Quantitative data comparisons between class and age groups were performed.
RESULTS: The median value of Vv[SMC] was 16% greater and the Sv[Fbn-1] was 35% greater in the intima vein sections from patients up to 50y compared to >50y. Apoptosis was found more frequent in veins sections from varicose women >50y. In the media layer, Sv[Fbn-1] in veins from patients up to 50y was more important, and women with >50y had also more cells in apoptosis. Vv[SMC] from women without edema (CEAP-Class 2) was 28% greater in the intima and apoptoctic cells were more prominent in the intima of women with edema (CEAP-Class 2). In the media layer, Sv[Fbn-1] was 12,5% greater in veins from women without edema and apoptosis was more detected in the veins from patients with edema.
CONCLUSION: Age of the patient may affect the remodeling of varicose veins and SMC quantity in the media layer was found decreased in patients with edema.

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