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Italian Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery 2010 April;21(1):41-7


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Intraosseous hemangiomas of the zygomatic bone: literature revision

Giuffré G., Vinciguerra A., Caiola A., Peluso F.

Sant’Anna and San Sebastiano Hospital, Caserta, Italy


Intraosseous hemangiomas (IHs) represent about 1% of all bone tumors and only 4% of them involving the maxillary bone, the zygomatic bone and the orbital margin. The pathogenesis is still uncertain, in most cases IHs configure some hard asymptomatic neoformations which recall patient’s attention only when the expansion of the mass causes a deformation of the bone segment involved, specifically the zygomatic region. The aim of this study is to define, through a careful review of the literature, an appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic approach to this pathological entity. We report the case of a 55 years old woman with a painless hard swelling in the left orbital – maxillary – zygomatic region. There were not vascular sounds or other types of signs and symptoms with the exception of a slight asymmetry of the left side of face in the orbital – maxillary – zygomatic region. We decided to perform an incisional biopsy of the lesion in loco regional anesthesia. The bone specimen histology confirmed the diagnosis of intra-osseous hemangioma of the zygomatic bone. Although computed tomography (CT) is a valuable diagnostic aid especially for the differential diagnosis with other primary bone lesions, in our opinion, only the bone biopsy with histological examination allows to confirm the certain diagnosis of IH. This represents the fundamental moment to propose to the patient some appropriate therapeutic options.

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