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A Journal on Diseases of the Respiratory System

Official Journal of the Italian Society of Thoracic Endoscopy
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Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0026-4954

Online ISSN 1827-1723



Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2)


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):51-8

Tumor markers kinetic in malignant lung neoplasms

Cristofori R., Aimo G., Mengozzi G., Oliaro A., Revello F., Rapellino M.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):59-64

Survival in advanced lung cancer according to tumor markers

Colangeli A., Colangeli M. S., Farina E.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):65-70

Impaired lung oxygenation in acute aortic dissection

Hasegawa Y., Ishikawa S., Ohtaki A., Takahashi T., Sato Y., Koyano T., Yamagishi T., Ohki S., Kanda T., Morishita Y.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):71-4

Thoracoscopic diagnosis and treatment of mediastinal massess. Usefulness of the two Windows methods

Kaga K., Nishiumi N., Iwasaki M., Inoue H.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):75-80

Is 30 minutes the golden period to perform emergency room thoratomy (ERT) in penetrating chest injuries?

Frezza E. E., Mezghebe H.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):81-90

Pectus excavatum: special surgical technique, perioperative management and long-term results

Tjan T. D. T., Semik M., Rotering H., Rolf N., Scheld H. H.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):91-8

The seagull wing self retaining prosthesis in the surgical treatment of pectus excavatum

Actis Dato G. M., Cavaglià M., Ruffini E., Actis Dato A. Jr., Mancuso M., Parola A., Papalia E., Oliaro A.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):99-104

Pulmonary Rhizopus rhizopodiformis cavitary abscess in a cardiac allograft recipient

Tan H. P., Razzouk A., Gundry S. R., Bailey L.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):105-8

Thoracic aortic aneurysm: a new etiology of pulmonary cavity

Ramírez M. T., Alvarez-Sala R., Martínez M., Gómez L., Prados C.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):109-12

Arterial switch with internal pulmonary artery banding. A new palliation for TGA and VSD in complex cases

Conte S., Jensen T., Ramsøe Jacobsen J., Lauridsen P., Pettersson G.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):113-6

Concomitant coronary artery revascularization and right pneumonectomy without cardiopulmonary bypass

Hensens A. G., Zeebregts C. J. A. M., Liem T. H., Gehlmann H., Lacquet L. K.


Minerva Pneumologica 1999 June;38(2):117-20

Pulmonary embolectomy for acute massive pulmonary embolism under percutaneous cardiopulmonary support

Sudo K., Ide H., Fujiki T., Tonari K., Nasu Y., Ikeda K.

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