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Minerva Pediatrica 2016 May 20


language: English

A study on evaluation of laparoscopic surgical approach for pediatric appendix abscess

Yiyu YIN, Hui CAO, Huaxin ZOU, Fang SUN, Shixian LI, Xiang ZHANG, Mingzhi KOU, Zhenfang QIN, Cheng WEN

Department of Pediatric Surgery, Xuzhou Children’s Hospital, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China


BACKGROUND: Our main objective was to investigate and compare chosen time laparoscopic surgery to traditional open surgery and to analyze whether laparoscopic surgery is safe and feasible for pediatric appendix abscess in emergency.
METHODS: This retrospective study consisted of three groups of patients designated as group A, group B, group C and the preoperative and postoperative clinical characteristics were analyzed and compared. Group A comprised of 63 patients of appendix abscess which has been treated by laparoscopic surgery from January 2011 to December 2014. Group B comprised of 60 patients who had undergone pediatric appendix abscess laparotomy and group C comprised of 35 cases who had undergone time-selective laparoscopic appendix ablation surgery after receiving anti-inflammatory treatment.
RESULTS: The average operation time during which all the appendix ablated successfully between group A and group B patients was not significantly different (P>0.05), meanwhile, operation time was significantly less for group C patients in comparison with group A patients (P<0.05). The incidence of postoperative complications among patients of group A was significantly lower than that of group B (P<0.05), while, these complications were similarly distributed between group A and group C (P>0.05). The duration of hospitalization among patients of group B (P<0.05) and group C (P<0.05) was significantly higher in comparison with group A patients.
CONCLUSION: As long as preoperative and perioperative periods are appropriately dealt with, laparoscopic surgery is safe and feasible to pediatric appendix abscess in emergency.

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