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A Journal on Forensic Medicine

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 0026-4849

Online ISSN 1827-1677



Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2)


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):45-9

The first investigation about analysis of carbohydrat-deficient transferrin in Italy

Bianchi V., Roveta A. L., Arfini C.


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):51-4

Study of 27 cases of under-age victims of homicide in Turin

La Sala E., Viazzi F.


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):55-62

Legal physicians fees. laws, procedures, deontology. Part one: the opinion of the physician

Massimelli M., Santovito D., Iorio M.


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):63-72

Crime scene management and investigation in a modern forensic context

Jacobs W., De Leeuw M.


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):73-89

Forensic geoscience and crime detection. Identification, interpretation and presentation in forensic geoscience

Morgan R. M., Bull P. A


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):73-89

Snuff. Remarks on a forensically relevant topic of movie and internet history

Benecke M.


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):97-103

The role of dental materials in situations involving high temperatures: a review article in forensic odontology

Bush M. A., Miller R. G., Fagin H. A., Bush P. J.


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):105-36

Resuscitation of the extremely preterm neonate and obstetric care. Clinical, ethical and legal implications

Massimelli M., Martano C., Gianotti C., Iorio M.


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):137-47

Scientific method and the problem of “testing” in legal medicine

De Ferrari F., Manzoni S.


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):149-57

Facial reconstruction: remarks after ten years of laboratory experiences

Porta D., Cattaneo C., Gibelli D. M., Giudici E., Grandi M.


Minerva Medicolegale 2007 June;127(2):159-68

Surgical resection of the sternum and biological damage. remarks regarding the “analogy criterion”

Manzoni S., Verzeletti A.

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