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Minerva Medicolegale 2012 December;132(4):227-31


language: English

Paternity testing: a case of an alleged father with the saliva of a second subject hidden in the mouth

Fabbri M., Venturi M., Gaudio R. M., Pasetti A., Mognato E., Avato F. M.

Laboratory of Immunology and Forensic Genetics, Section of Legal Medicine, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Advanced Therapies, University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy


In the present work we report about a singular case of paternity test occurred this year at our laboratory. In this case the identity of the putative father of a child was under question: as a routine laboratory, the subjects, after collecting the informed acceptance, were submitted to the collection of two saliva swabs to be used for genetic analysis. Data obtained from NGM and Yfiler of the putative father’s sample showed a mixed genetic profile: negative control of extraction and amplification reaction showed no contamination by exogenous DNA; in order to exclude a possible random contamination and to confirm the mixed profile, the second buccal swab collected from the alleged father was analyzed. Genetic comparison between these profiles and those obtained from the sample of the child revealed an allele sharing at all loci amplified, noticeably in the Y-specific polymorphisms. In relation to the result obtained, the alleged father was again convened and, after rinsing the mouth, again submitted to the collection of a saliva swab. The new genetic comparison showed a full allele sharing at all loci amplified with a very high paternity value (P=0,99999843530). It was later confirmed by the alleged father that he put in the mouth saliva belonging to another subject prior to the first sampling performed in our laboratory.

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