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Minerva Chirurgica 2006 February;61(1):17-24


language: Italian

Nearly total thyroidectomy: versus total thyroidectomy: our experience

Candela G., Varriale S., Di Libero L., Maschio A., Giordano M., Manetta F., Sullo P., Casaburi V., Lanza M., Santini L.

VII Divisione di Chirurgia Generale Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Napoli


Aim. Generally, the classification of thyroidectomy as benign pathology is: multinodular toxic goitre, simple goitre, toxic adenoma, Base-dow disease, Hashimoto’s tyroiditis Subtotal thyroidectomy provides for the removal of the gland except for a bilateral residue of about 6-10 g, near total thyroidectomy provides for the near total removal of the gland except for a residue inferior to 5 grams. Near total thyroidectomy has taken the place of the subtotal thyroidectomy.
Methods. In two years, in our institute, there have been exeuted: 96 near total thyrodectomies, 96 total thyroidetomies, 8 lobectomies ad two revues for recurrencies.
Results. In 2 cases there have been haemorrhagies after nearly total thyroidetomy. Only in 1 case we practiced tracheotomy for follicular carcinoma infiltering thiroidic cartilage. In 2 cases treated with nearly total thyroidetomy and in 4 cases treated with total thyroidetomy, there has been temporary hypoparathyroidism. In no case treared wih nearly total thyroidetomy and in 2 cases treated with total thyroidetomy, there has been permanent hypo-parathyroidism. In 5 cases treated with total thyroidetomy and in no case treated with nearly total thyroidetomy, there has been, monolateral, temporary paralysis of the inferior laryngeal nerve that solved in 6 months for 3 patients and in 2 months for 2 patients.
Conclusion. There has not been permanent paralysis of the mono or bilateral inferior laryngeal nerve. Even if the surgical approach to the benign disease is now orientated to the total thyroidectomy, a more conservative surgery is, in our opinion, justified when a malignant pathology is excluded and considering also the low effect of recurrencies and hypothyroidism.

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