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Minerva Cardioangiologica 2000 January-February;48(1-2):39-46


language: English, Italian

The damage to a person caused by venous thromboembolism in the civil responsibility

Di Blasi A., Di Blasi L., Manferoce O., Napoli P.


The venous thromboembolism can clinically show itself as deep venous thrombosis or as pulmonary embolism. Both serious and potentially fatal, for this high incidence, they assume importance in social economic sphere. The Authors take into account the medicolegal dia-gnostics methodology of the deep venous thrombosis and of the pulmonary embolism, the traumatic and post traumatic etiology, to determine the connection of causality and the estimating parameters of the damage to a person in the sphere of civil responsibility. To attain to a certain diagnosis of thromboembolism, since its diffilcult cause of paucisymtomaticity or asymtomaticity of the pathology after an attentive evaluation of symptoms, clinic manifestations and factors of risk, it can't be disregarded to utilize scientific diagnostic criteria, and instrumental ascertainments, serial too, helped by conventional means of standardization, such as the new American system of classification CEAP. The following phases of medicolegal ascertainment consist in identifying the causal connection between disease and event and in estimating of the damage to a person, with rigorous and objective methodology and using tabular orientation guides, that have to indicate the percentage incidence of the undergone disablement on the person's validity for indemnity. It is showed the particular delicacy of the medical examiner's evaluation in thromboembolic disease, in the sphere of civil responsibility, both for the difficulties of the diagnostic identification of the deep venous thrombosis, and of the pulmonary embolism, and for the determination of the connection of causality with traumatic events and with following operation of orthopedics-traumatology and neurosurgery (sector on which the most difficult problems of professional responsibility can connect) and finally for the real evaluation of the consequent damage to a persons, in order to its indemnity.

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