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A Journal on Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

Indexed/Abstracted in: EMBASE, Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), Scopus
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Minerva Biotecnologica 2017 March;29(1):33-40
Comparison between mammalian cell and bacterial cell-free system for high-throughput expression of linear PCR-amplified immunoglobulin genes
Muhamad ALI

Minerva Biotechnology and Biomolecular Research 2021 March;33(1):29-35
In silico identification of linear B-cell epitope in Coronavirus 2019 (SARS-CoV-2) surface glycoprotein: a prospective towards peptide vaccine
Pushpendra SINGH, Manish K. TRIPATHI, Rahul SHRIVASTAVA *

Minerva Biotechnology and Biomolecular Research 2021 March;33(1):6-11
Analytical and clinical comparison between two different chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassays for the measurement of C-peptide in serum
Gian P. CAVIGLIA, Chiara ROSSO *, Angelo ARMANDI, Davide G. RIBALDONE, Rinaldo PELLICANO, Elisabetta BUGIANESI

Minerva Biotecnologica 2020 December;32(4):188-94
Performance of cytokeratin-18 apoptotic fragment for the identification of hepatic fibrosis and inflammation in patients with chronic viral hepatitis: a meta-analysis
Chiara ROSSO *, Gian P. CAVIGLIA, Angelo ARMANDI, Maria L. ABATE, Antonella OLIVERO, Davide G. RIBALDONE, Rinaldo PELLICANO, Giorgio M. SARACCO, Elisabetta BUGIANESI

Minerva Biotecnologica 2020 December;32(4):175-81
Seronegative occult hepatitis C virus infection: what is its clinical relevance?
Angelo Armandi, Gian P. Caviglia, Giorgio M. Saracco, Laura DE MARCO, Sharmila FAGOONEE, Rinaldo PELLICANO *

Minerva Biotecnologica 2020 September;32(3):121-7
Molecular mechanisms of hepatic fibrosis in chronic liver diseases
Chiara ROSSO *, Gian Paolo CAVIGLIA, Ramy YOUNES, Davide G. RIBALDONE, Sharmila FAGOONEE, Rinaldo PELLICANO, Elisabetta BUGIANESI

Minerva Biotechnology and Biomolecular Research 2021 March;33(1):36-42
Prediction of B- and T-cell epitopes using in-silico approaches: a solution to the development of recombinant vaccines against COVID-19

Minerva Biotecnologica 2020 September;32(3):114-20
Diallyl disulfide regulates energy metabolism by targeting AMP-activated protein kinase alpha1 in human gastric cancer cells
Xiaoyan ZHANG, Xueqi OU, Xiaoqing KUANG, Zhiyan LI, Nian FU, Jian ZHOU *

Minerva Biotecnologica 2019 December;31(4):111-5
Cryobiopsy in the diagnosis of lung tumors: a single center experience
Filippo PATRUCCO *, Matteo DAVERIO, Francesco GAVELLI, Luigi CASTELLO, Renzo BOLDORINI, Ottavio RENA, Caterina CASADIO, Piero BALBO

Minerva Biotecnologica 2018 March;30(1):7-13
Primer Spanner: a web-based platform to design PCR primers for high efficient site-directed mutagenesis and DNA assembling
Xianhui HOU, Zhiyong PEI, Xiaoxing WEI *

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