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La Rivista Italiana della Medicina di Laboratorio 2021 Nov 26

DOI: 10.23736/S1825-859X.21.00121-3


language: Italian

Electronic Prescription Number: better error management opportunity in pre-analytical and access control in Collection Centers through digital back office

Alessandro CAMEROTTO 1 , Roberta MARINELLI 1, Monica LAZZARIN 2, Francesca PENNETTA 1, Flora FORMENTON 1, Valentina MURARO 1, Umberto DOMINI 3, Rodolfo FASIOL 4

1 UOC Medicina di Laboratorio, AULSS 5 Polesana, Rovigo, Italia; 2 UOS Sistemi Informativi, AULSS 5 Polesana, Rovigo, Italia; 3 UNODI SRL, Tribano, Padova, Italia; 4 UOC Servizi tecnici e patrimoniali, AULSS 5 Polesana, Rovigo, Italia


Blood drawing centers represent the main front office of Health Facilities. Patients’ access is allowed now through electronic medical prescription which replaced paper prescription. In the electronic medical prescription, tests are uniquely identified by a code derived from the national nomenclator declined in the prescriptive catalogues of the different regions. In this study we have measured incongruity between prescribed tests and tests actually accepted informatically at the blood drawing centers, estimating, in our experience, a total of 12,336 annual performances that are in the order of hundreds of thousand, in a Veneto Region projection and, at the italian level, of millions. As this kind of mistake can lead to a delay in the medical response, we have analyzed the main five causes of the error. In this report, we propose an innovative solution to contain the error within digital booking systems at the blood drawing centers that allows a match between electronic medical prescription with its unique electronic prescription number and the Laboratory offer with related codes.

KEY WORDS: Electronic Prescription Number; Pre-analytics; Collection Centers; Error management

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