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Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2)


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):175-84

Adipose degeneration in the context of full-thickness tears of the rotator cuff: the importance of MRI investigation

Bisciotti G. N., Eirale C., Esposito G. M.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):185-93

Reliability of electromyography and peak torque during maximum voluntary concentric, isometric and eccentric contractions of quadriceps muscles in healthy subjects

Carvalho A., Abade E., Carvalho C., Sampaio J.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):195-204

Salivary cortisol response to concurrent strength and high-intensity aerobic exercise: a pilot study

Panissa V. L., Franchini E., Julio U. F., Neves R. X., Seelaender M., De Souza C. T., Rodrigues B., Lira F. S.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):205-17

The impact of elite endurance training upon anaerobic effort capacity

Ionescu A., Apostol A., Vasilescu M.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):219-26

Supervised resistance training reduced oxidative damage in adults with Down Syndrome

Rosety-Rodriguez M., Rosety I., Fornieles G., Rosety M. A., Ordonez F. J.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):227-40

Myoelectric manifestations of muscle fatigue induced by weight or elastic resistances in men and women

Melchiorri G., Triossi T., Viero V., Tancredi V., Rainoldi A.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):241-50

Peculiarities of preschool aged boys’ and girls’ physical state

Krivolapchuk I. A.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):251-9

Influence of L-carnitine supplementation on exercise-induced muscle damage

Nakhostin-Roohi B., Khoshkhahesh F., Parandak K., Ramazanzadeh R.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):261-72

Effects of pedometer-based walking intervention on psychological and biological variables in adolescent girls: does achieving goals make a difference?

Kantanista A., Bronikowski M., Laudańska-Krzemińska I., Osiński W.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):273-87

Physical and anthropometric profiles of elite female soccer players

Idrizovic K.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):289-95

Corticosteroid and hyaluronic acid injection therapy in tennis elbow (lateral epicondylalgia)

Bernetti A., Mangone M., Paoloni M., Di Sante L., Murgia M., Santilli V.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):297-308

Does PETTLEP imagery improve static and dynamic balance?

Tahmasebi Boroujeni S., Ghods Mirheydari S. B.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):309-21

Long-haul flight-associated sudden-onset mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy in a veteran judo athlete: a case report

De Crée C.


Medicina dello Sport 2014 June;67(2):323-33


Gianfelici A., Di Castro A., Tamburri R., Comotto S., Briganti C., Fabiano C., Bomprezzi A., Bottoni A., Salvati A., Bianchini L.

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