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Medicina dello Sport 2008 March;61(1):21-8


language: English, Italian

Power output and metabolic response in multiple Wingate tests performed with arms

Rodio A. 1, Quattrini F. M. 1, Fattorini L. 2, Egidi F. 2, Faiola F. 2, Pittiglio G. 1

1 Health and Motor Science Department, Motor Science Faculty, University of Cassino, Frosinone; Italy 2 Sport Medicine School of Specialization, University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy


Aim. The aim of the study was to evaluate the mechanical and metabolic responses to multiple repeated exercise performed with arms.
Methods. In order to evaluate the mechanical peak power (PP) and mean power (MP) output, five male subjects underwent 4 different Wingate tests (WnT) in different days. Each WnT was carried out with an arm cranking ergometer and was constituted of five maximal sprints of 10 seconds characterised by different period of rest between sprints (one, two, three, and five minutes). Mechanical power, oxygen consumption and heart rate were measured during each WnT.
Results. Data revealed that muscular fatigue consist in a progressive decay of MP and PP, which is inversely proportional to the length of recovery period between sprints. These results suggest that the main energy sources involved in this kind of exercise are anaerobic and that PP was mainly dependent on phosphocreatine availability, while MP was dependent on anaerobic glicolysis as well. The energy set free from aerobic metabolic pathway is obviously the only means for replenish the anaerobic store.
Conclusion. The correlation between power decay and quantity of oxygen assumed during the recovery phase suggests that the aerobic metabolism is an essential factor in recharging anaerobic energy sources. Therefore, a training program for subjects that perform repeated exercise with arms should include an aerobic training protocol also.

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