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Medicina dello Sport 2000 June;53(2):145-64


language: Italian

Effects of training on above-threshold kinetics of V.O2, V.CO2, VE, FC and on parameters of incremental tests

Maione D. 1, Senaldi R. 1, Gnudi G. 2, Rocco Cuna P. 1, Maietta P. 3, Maione A. 1, Mondardini P. 1, Tentoni C. 3, Drago E. 1

1 Istituto di Medicina dello Sport-FMSI, Bologna, Centro Interuniversitario di Studi e Ricerche in Medicina dello Sport; 2 Dipartimento di Elettronica Informatica e Sistemistica, Università degli Studi, Bologna; 3 Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica Pareggiato, Bologna


We have studied 7 high level fin swimming athletes (Md: years 18.29; cm 174.29; kg 70.43) aiming to compare the effects of a 5-6 weeks aerobic training on the V.O2, V.CO2, VE, and FC kinetics with the values of these variables and watts (w) achieved at 2 ventilatory thresholds and at V.O2max, and with loads at lactate concentration [L] of 4 mmol/ l. They have performed pre and post training: 1 incremental maximal test to detect 2 ventilatory thresholds and V.O2max; 1 incremental sub maximal test for identifying preselected [L]; 1st supra-threshold constant-load test for the kinetics study employing mathematical models to 1 or to 2 exponential terms fitting on experimental data through an original software. Regarding to V.O2, we have studied the slow component (clV.O2), whose entity has measured from the integral of the relative area; likewise with FC. The fitting on V.CO2 and VE data with the imposed loads has not been reliable and therefore excluded from the comparison. The clV.O2 area has decreased after training 8.77 ml/kg (p=0.002); FC 13.18 b. (p=0.02). In the incremental test w and V.O2 both have increased with the same significativity (p= 0.05) at 1st ventilatory threshold; at V.O2max the one regarding to w has been better than V.O2: respectively p= 0.002, and p= 0.02; not present the significative changes for other studied variables. Almost significative the performance at 4 mmol/l threshold after training (p= 0.06). Otherwise, the difference of [L] after training at the same load in pretraining had determined that [L] of 4 mmol/ l has decreased of the 22% (p= 0.05).
In conclusion, the study of the kinetic above-threshold of V.O2 and FC, but, with the imposed loads, not of V.CO2 and VE, it has proven more sensitive than the variations of V.O2 and FC at V.O2max and of the [L] to the same evoking the 4 mmol/l load in the pretraining in estimate induced advantages from the training.

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