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Medicina dello Sport 1999 June;52(2):99-104


language: Italian

Posture: art and science at the athletes’ service

Cristofalo M. G., Parisi A., Francavilla V., Savojardo M., Galiano S., Pecorella G., Machese L., Palmeri F., Lo Coco L., Francavilla G.

Cattedra di Medicina dello Sport, Università degli Studi, Palermo


The conversion from quadrupedism to bipedism, happened millions years ago, caused lots of upsets in the muscle skeleton plan.
However the erect pose must have had very important advantage because it assert itself in a clear and definitive way.
So the pose determines an indivisible relationship between man and his surrounding environment. Complex regulations of biomechanical, which are expressed in three important moments: static moment, kinetic and cybernetic once, keep the pose into physiological stoks. The last known date is the psyche data which permits a relationship between man and his habitat through “the language of the body”.
Two groups of athletes were randomized: group “A” and “B”.
Among twenty-one athletes, we have kept under control, we have taken seven belonged to group “A”: 5 women and two men which were not less 16 and not more 29 years old, having the same pathology about the muscle skeleton plou, going in for the some sport and training in the some way during the sporting year group “B” were superimposed upon the first group in the age, sport and training.
All the athletes were valued through a clinic exam of their feet muscular test and through the “baropodometro”.
The model we use is called Physical Support Italy Srl which can take the level of pression of plantar feet, using computerized elaborations whether static or dynamic oule.
The exam consist of three moments; static, dynamic, posegrafic once.
In all the athletics belonged to the first group, anomalies of the plantar support as will as of the load and badily baricenter have turned out.
We told the athletics they should wear particular reflex plantar ks medical which make the static and dynamic level better; infact kstimulates the intrinsic muscles of the foot, so it is obtained a clear rehabilitation
Although the athletes we keeptunder observation weren’t so many we can give some clear and perfect dates:
— every athlete’s attitude gets better during his training and his competition;
— the great recovery as well as great improvement of athletic’s times obtained after the correction with the right plantar model.
A best motor condition produces not only the perfection but also the speed of the execution of the athletic gesture.

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