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Il Giornale della Vaccinazione 2020 Gennaio/Giugno;12(1):17-9

language: Italian

Le vaccinazioni in Ospedale: l’esperienza del Niguarda

Maurizio ORSO 1 , Sonia RIBERA 2, Maria C. MOIOLI 3, Massimo PUOTI 3, Simona GIROLDI 4, Maria G. ANGELETTI 5, Roberto ROSSOTTI 3, Davide MOTTA 3

1 S.S. Vaccinazioni, S.C. Area Territoriale, ASST Niguarda, Milano, Italia; 2 S.C. Area Territoriale, ASST Niguarda, Milano, Italia; 3 S.C. Malattie Infettive, ASST Niguarda, Milano, Italia; 4 Direzione sociosanitaria, ASST Niguarda, Milano, Italia; 5 Dipartimento Servizi Territoriali, ASST Niguarda, Milano, Italia


New scientific evidence and recommendations and the possibility of new generation drugs for the treatment of pathologies until yesterday without solution, forced us to consider in the therapeutic diagnostic path of the patients, factors such as prevention, that has been less considered until now. The frail patient because of elderly or because suffers from chronic pathology and the pregnant woman, need special attention in terms of prevention of infections. Hence the will of including the vaccinations of these patients among the priorities to be considered in our reality. An important step to guarantee the vaccination in these patients is to find the more appropriate way of proposal. Then the idea of vaccinating them into the hospital. This article aims to highlight a model for the introduction of vaccinations in the hospital setting.

KEY WORDS: Vaccinazioni; Ospedale; Prevenzione

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