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Gazzetta Medica Italiana Archivio per le Scienze Mediche 2012 April;171(2):109-21


language: English

Intervention of high-temperature aerobic exercise on lipid metabolism and expression regulation of adipocyte differentiation genes in high- fat- diet- fed rats

Weilin L. 1, Peng H. 1, Guo L. 1, Jiaqin C. 1, Chimiao L. 2, Hua Y. 2

1 Department of Physical Education, Hunan Normal University, Changsha, People’s Republic of China; 2 The Central Hospital of Shaoyang, Shaoyang, People’s Republic of China


Aim. Effect of free radical lipid metabolism and expression of visceral white adipose tissue TNF-α, Leptin, PPARγ, visfatin mRNA by high temperature aerobic exercise in high-fat-diet-fed rats.
Methods: After 8 weeks of high fat fed rats, all rats were randomly divided into Exercise group in high temperature (35°C), Exercise group in normal temperature (23°C), and Non-exercise control group, of which runs on the platform at medium tenacity in 45min each single day in 8 weeks on end. In this study, adopted automatic clinical chemistry analyzer and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay to detect biochemistry indexes, and method of RT-PCR to detect expression of genes.
Results. “Lee” index in high-fat-diet-fed rats rose obviously after 8 weeks (p<0.01), while 8 weeks passed, ”Lee” index in HE group dropped rapidly as a whole (p<0.01). Content of TC, TG and LDL-C in blood plasma in HE group dropped faster than that in HC group, while content of HDL-C rose (p<0.05); content of TG and LDL-C in HE group is lower than that in NE, while content of HDL-C is relatively high (p<0.05); but content of TC has no significance (p>0.05). With NE group, content of LPL in HE group has a tendency of rising but significance difference (p>0.05), while content of ApoA rose obviously (p<0.01). HE group SOD was significantly higher than NE group, while MDA was significantly decreased (P <0.01). Expression of Leptin mRNA, PPARγ and mRNA in HE group is obviously higher than that in NE group, while expression of TNF-αmRNA and visfatin mRNA decreased.
Conclusion. Aerobic exercise for 8 weeks have improved effectively caused disorder of lipid metabolism in high- fat- diet- fed rats, promoted activity of lipids metabolic enzymes, increased content of lipid transport protein, boosted ability of body against oxygen radicals; aerobic exercise in high temperature has different expression of between differential genes in Adipose tissue, restrained and promoted, which possibly provides a good physical basis for up-expression, a expression good for lipid metabolism, of some regulator genes, thus in turn curbs adventure and development of chronic cardiovascular disease.

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