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Minerva Gastroenterologica e Dietologica 2015 Oct 22


language: English

Miraqule-C and mild heart failure: an 8-week registry

Belcaro G., Dugall M., Hu S., Corsi M., Hosoi M., Luzzi R., Ippolito E., Feragalli B., Ledda A.

Irvine3 labs & PAP/PEA Screening Project and the International Irvine Network, Spoltore and San Valentino, Dept. Sc. Med. Or. Biotec, G. D’Annunzio University, Ch- Pe, Italy


The aim of this registry study was the evaluation of possible benefits of a supplement including CoenzymeQ10 and a grape seed combination (MiraQule C, Alchem) in stable, moderate, heart failure patients. Results: The mean age of the 18 supplemented patients was 60.1;2 years (the age of the 22 controls was 61.1;2.2). The two groups were comparable. There were no dropouts in the two groups. In the 8 weeks of the registry, all supplemented patients remained in the NYHA class while 7 out of 22 in controls increased the level of heart failure passing into Class III. Systolic- diastolic pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate were minimally (non significantly lowered) with the supplement without differences controls. Ultrasound-derived ejection fraction was increased by supplementation (median of 2.7%) in the CoQ10 group (p<0.05) while there were minimal, non- significant differences in controls. Walking distance on treadmill was also significantly increased with the supplement (p<0.05) and only marginally in controls. The microcirculation (laser Doppler parameters and transcutaneous PO2, PCO2) improved significantly in the MQ-C group (p<0.05) and only marginally in controls. Oxidative stress was significantly decreased (p<0.05) with the CoQ10 preparation while there were minimal. Non-significant changes were observed in in controls. Tolerability and compliance were optimal (with more than 95% of the capsules correctly used). In conclusion in this supplement registry Miraqule-C seem to help patients with moderate heart failure and should be considered for larger studies.

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