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A Journal on Dermatology

Journal of Istituto Dermatologico San Gallicano
Official Journal of the Associazione Dermatologi Ospedalieri Italiani - A.D.O.I.
Indexed/Abstracted in: EMBASE, Scopus

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 1128-9155

Online ISSN 2532-1056


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2)


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):57-66

Urinary incontinence: is breathability a key factor in choosing adult diapers?

Sisto T., Bussoletti C., Tolaini M. V., Lancellotti P., Celleno L.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):67-74

Comparison between in vitro activity of silver sulfadiazine alone and associated with hyaluronic acid against bacteria and fibroblasts

Figura N., Biagi M., Collodel G., Gonnelli S., Moretti E.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):75-7

Progeria: a case report

Reddy V. K., Pasupuleti K. P., Govindaraj S. J., Thummala V. S. R., Ravindra Naik G., Swathi V.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):79-81

A case of dermatofibroma on the hand: reactive or neoplastic lesion?

Pesapane F., Nazzaro G., Coggi A., Gianotti R.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):83-5

A painful nodule of the skin: the glomus tumor

Nazzaro G., Pesapane F., Coggi A., Gianotti R.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):87-9

Vitiligo induced by treatment with IFN-α 2b in a patient affected by Kaposi’s sarcoma

Berruti V., Gimma A., Taviti F., Cardinali C.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):91-3

An unusual case of furuncular myiasis

Spataro A., La Rosa F., Pala S.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):95-8

Juvenile dermatomyositis: efficacy of corticosteroid monotherapy

Cuoco F., Petaccia A., Corona F.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):99-105

Evaluation of the efficacy of two different therapies in the treatment of cutaneous and ocular lesions of rosacea

Roberti V., Lopez T., Coppola R., Zanframundo S., Graziano A., Devirgiliis V., Panasiti V.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2014 June;16(2):107

Dermatopatologia Clinica, Jesi 2014

Filosa A.

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