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A Journal on Dermatology

Journal of Istituto Dermatologico San Gallicano
Official Journal of the Associazione Dermatologi Ospedalieri Italiani - A.D.O.I.
Indexed/Abstracted in: EMBASE, Scopus

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN 1128-9155

Online ISSN 2532-1056


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3)


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):95-9

Giving atopy a voice: observational study on cleansing gel-emollient cream association in combination with a conscious voice management in communicating with patients affected by xerosis

De Pità O., Bellosta M., Cristaudo A., Cusano F., Nobile C., Ricciuti F., Tomassini G. M., Valenti G., Sedona P.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):101-6

Non-melanoma skin cancers: which follow-up?

Patrizi A., Venturi M., Dika E.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):107-12

Head lice

Calista D., Sama E., Venturelli C.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):113-4

Case report of an unusual occupational dermatosis

Peccerillo F., Di Caterino P., Boccia L., Battarra V. C.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):115-7

Grover’s disease

Pesapane F., Menicanti C., Nazzaro G., Vaira F., Coggi A., Gianotti R.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):119-22

Cutaneous B-cell marginal zone lymphoma: two cases

Betto P., Bonoldi E., Veller-Fornasa C.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):123-7

Remission induction of Behçet’s disease with cyclosporin in a Chinese patient with hepatitis B virus

Gori A., Cardinali C., Gimma A., Schincaglia E., Fabroni C., Lo Scocco G.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):129-31

The stair-step flap in alar nose notching

Russo A., Vernoni S., Dondas A., Ascari Raccagni A.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):133-4

A dangerous onychoptosis!

Vaira F., Nazzaro G., Pesapane F., Coggi A., Gianotti R.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):135-8

Is caffeine really the new cosmetic ingredient able to stop androgenetic alopecia?

Celleno L., Bussoletti C.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):139

Sexually transmitted diseases at the Accademia Lancisiana in Rome

Amantea A.


Esperienze Dermatologiche 2013 September;15(3):141-2

Treatment of psoriasis in adult patients. Report on the New Guidelines ISS - ADOI 2013

Valenzano L., Amantea A.

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