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Esperienze Dermatologiche 2015 December;17(4):149-55


language: Italian

Is it possible to monitor in vivo the Propionibacterium acnes activity? Our experience with two new formulations based on micronized silver, lauric acid, zinc acetate and salicylic acid

Monfrecola G., Fabbrocini G., Masarà A., Cacciapuoti S.

Unità di Dermatologia, Dipartimento di Medicina Clinica e Chirurgia, Università di Napoli Federico II, Napoli, Italia


AIM: We conducted an observational study to evaluate the effectiveness of a combination therapy in cream made of micronized silver, lauric acid and zinc acetate for the face and a second formulation in spray made of salicylic acid (1%), lauric acid and zinc acetate for the trunk.
METHODS: The sample consisted of 30 patients with mild and moderate acne, 15 with involvement of the face and 15 of the back. The evaluations were carried out at the start of the study (T0), the thirtieth (T1) and the sixtieth (T2) day. The methods used were: assessing the gravity of acne by GAGS, measurement of the fluorescence of the lesions by Visiopor PP34 and evaluation of psycho-social impact by acne radar.
RESULTS: The mean value found for GAGS for the face was reduced from 22.4 to 12.8, from 21.1 to 11.5 in the back. The use of the Visiopor PP34 camera at T0 and T2 showed that the intensity and the extension of fluorescence were reduced in 65% of cases from high to average fluorescence, in 20% of cases, from high to low and unchanged in the remaining patients. The acne radar showed a marked improvement of the welfare of the patient.
CONCLUSIONS: Our study highlights the reduction of acne lesions confirming the synergistic action of three active of the two products. Acne radar revealed a significant reduction of the burning sensation, suggesting the good yield and good tolerability of the product.

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