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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5)


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):269-72

A retrospective review of infections after cranioplasty over a decade at a single center

Jang H. J., Oh C. H., Shim Y. S., Yoon S. H., Hyun D., Park H., Kim E., Yeul Ji G.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):273-7

Sudden death during sexual intercourse: profile and pattern of intracranial hemorrhages in African men who died during sexual intercourse

Nnoli M. A., Kanu O. O., Ogo C. N.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):279-81

Abnormal presentation of recurrent cardiac myxoma

Ibrahimiye A., Yerebakan H., Van Hassel Bs J., George I., Argenziano M.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):283-4

Giant femoral postcannulation lymphocyst

Chounti M., Karavana E., Hountis P., Moraitis D., Sotiropoulos G., Dimitroglou J., Boultadakis E., Moraitis S.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):285-7

Cervical gout tophus a very rare cause of radiculopathy

He S., Lin L., Yang G., Tang C.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):289-91

Report of a rare case of myofibroblastoma of the breast in a woman

Accurso A., Cozzolino I., Varone V., Della Corte G. A., Pettinato G., Ciancia G., Rocco N.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):293-6

Radiation associated cutaneous angiosarcoma and atypical post-radiation vascular proliferation of the breast: distinct pathological entities or not?

Accurso A., Ciancia G., Della Corte G. A., Fulciniti F., Somma A., Cozzolino I., Rocco N.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):297-9

Ileal duplication cyst in new born complicated with volvolus: 2 cases report and literature review

Brandigi E., Molinaro F., Meucci D., Sica M., Bindi E., Messina M.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):301-3

True posterior communicating artery aneurysm presenting with subarachnoid and intracerebral hemorrhage: radiological and pathological analyses

Nomura M., Mori K., Tamase A., Kamide T., Kitamura Y., Seki S., Shima H., Yanagimoto K.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):305-7

Emergency veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation with Levitronix centrifugal pump for bridging to Heart Ware left ventricular assist device implantation

Suha Kucukaksu D., Tuba Demirozu Z., Pektok E., Saracoglu A.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):309-10

An atretic anomalous hepatic vein connecting to right atrial appendage during atrial septal defect surgery

Kang Z., Chengming F., Jinfu Y.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):311-2

Sternal closure with nitinol thermoactive clip in two patients with non-infective sternal dehiscence

Erguneş K., Yureklı I., Cakır H., Celık E., Yilik L., Gurbuz A.


Chirurgia 2014 October;27(5):313-6

Thoracic spinal cord injury caused by a stab wound

Toprak H., Serter A., Aralaşmak A., Kocakoç E.

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