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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3)


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):143-9

Use of Shigyaku-san to improve liver function and regeneration after hepatectomy in rats

Wu H., Iwata H., Kimura M., Sekino T., Yamada T., Takemura H.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):151-4

Pattern of high velocity missile injuries in Akth, Kano, Nigeria

Mamuda A. A., Atiku A., Bello B.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):155-9

Trilateral cranial peripheral nerve stimulation. A technical note on indication and procedural details

Mueller O., Chen B., Hagel V., Gaul C., El Hindy N.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):161-2

Inguinal hernia repair: accidental finding of liposarcoma

Dioscoridi L., Adduci F., Taddei A.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):163-6

Synchronous acute ileocaecocolonic intussusception and right colon volvulus associated with caecal adenocarcinoma and malrotation in an elder

Avgoustou C., Papazoglou A., Apessou D., Papailiou J.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):167-8

Trauma-related giant Spigelian hernia: a case report

Dalci K., Rencuzogullari A., Cem Eray I., Yalav O., Sonmez H.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):169-71

Congenital partial pericardial defect with left ventricle herniation

Hu J. M., Lin C. Y., Chang T. H., Tsai C. S.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):173-5

A rare patient with primary intrathoracic thyroid tissue in the thyroid scintigraphy

Baskin A., Cinar A., Koca G., Koc G., Kacar M., Korkmaz M.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):177-8

Retained laser fiber during endovenous laser ablation

Sarioglu S., Polat A., Erentug V.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):179-81

Incidental finding of early gastric cancer in recurrent hemorrhages from gastric submucosal angiodysplasia

Brugnera R., Praticò C., Salfi N., Lecce F., Cuicchi D., Gionchetti P., Rizzello F., Campieri M., Calabrese C.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):183-7

Cervical dumbbell meningioma in a patient with neurofibromatosis type 2: a case report and review of literature

Umebayashi D., Hara M., Nishimura Y., Nakajima Y., Wakabayashi T.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):189-91

Morbus Schmier and Meyers: a rare case of avascular necrosis in a child’s pisiform

Kraus T., Schmidt B., Eberl R., Singer G.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):193-5

Sternoclavicular joint dislocation with innominate artery injury

Gocen U., Atalay A., Yaliniz H.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):197-8

Acute myeloid leukemia diagnosed after myocardial revascularization in cardiopulmonary bypass. Case report

Kovacs J., Căpîlnă R., Modrigan I., Suciu H.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):199-200

Simultaneous aortic-pulmonary infective valve endocarditis in a patient with Osler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome

Koudoumas D. G., Marinou I. E.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):201-3

Double pancreaticojejunostomy without pancreatic resection for treatment of main pancreatic duct injury with pancreatic fistula: a case report

Yeol Paik K.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):205-7

Giant solitary dermal cylindroma of the nose skin

Karpouzis A., Sivridis E., Bounovas A., Giatromanolaki A.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):209-12

Composite scalp replacement and negative pressure therapy for successful graft take and hair regrowth

Baccarani A., Pedone A., Loschi P., Zaccaria G., Boscaini G., Spinzo G., Pompei B., De Santis G.


Chirurgia 2014 June;27(3):213-5

A tribute to Italian anatomists of the 16th Century written by young Italian researchers

Marano L., Marano M., Boccardi M., Boccardi V., Passiatore C., Di Martino N.

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