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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1)


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):1-4

The role of open cholecystectomy for gallbladder cancer in laparoscopic era: our experience and literature review

De Werra C., Bracciano L., Di Micco R., Aloia S., Del Giudice R., Cervotti M., Galloro G., Bucci L.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):5-9

Coronary surgery in patients with diabetes and mid-term follow-up

Ergunes K., Yilik L., Yurekli I., Lafci B., Yasa H., Akyuz M., Celik E., Gurbuz A.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):11-3

Sacral chordoma. A case report and review of the literature

Mandolfino F., Sguanci M.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):15-8

A case of iatrogenic benign ulcer of the right colon

Testi W., Varrone F., Baldoni G., Scipioni F., Savelli V., Mazzei M. A., Ludovisi M. G., Colasanto G., Borgogni V.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):19-20

Insufficient LigaSure vessel seal in a vascular type Ehlers-Danlos patient

Jalink M. B., Tielliu I. F. J., Krikke C., Jansen L.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):21-4

Colorectal cancer treatment in HIV positive patients

Fisichella R., Spartà D., Di Dio L., Puglisi L., D’Agata A., Fiorica F., Berretta S.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):25-8

A case of solitary osteochondroma of the cervical spine accompanied by a free bone fragment causing spinal cord and nerve root compression

Sarica F. B., Aydemir F., Tufan K., Kocer N. E., Kardes O., Cekinmez M., Caner H.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):29-33

Treatment of decompensated liver cirrhosis complicating choledocholithiasis under radiotherapy and ultrasonography guidance

Kong D., Gu W., Lu S., Guo Q., Lai W., Wu J., Lin D.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):35-7

Spontaneous transdiaphragmatic intercostal hernia secondary to coughing

De Giacomo T., Francioni F., Bruschini P., Scoglio D., Fagiani B., Balla A., D’Ambrosio G.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):39-41

Intrahepatic subcapsular hematoma complicating laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Case report and literature review

Corsale I., Francioli N., Rigutini M., Aloise F., Adriano Mori P., Buccianelli E.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):43-5

Primary cranial vault lymphoma: tentative management of skull flap. Two case reports

Jiang H., Zhang J., Yu R., Fei C., Heng X.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):47-9

Laparoscopic removal of a giant ovarian cyst: case report and review of the literature

Grigore M., Iordache F.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):51-3

Severe constipation and rectal spontaneous perforation in elderly: case report and review of the literature

Grasso E., Politi A., Progno V., Guastella T.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):55-9

Cyanoacrylate surgical glue as an alternative to suture threads for connective tissue graft in gingival recession: a case report

Mueller Storrer C. L., Cardoso G., Zielak J. C., Miranda Deliberador T., Rychuv Santos F., Ricardo Lopes T.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):61-3

Case report on a pelvic mass: giant appendiceal mucocele

Dioscoridi L., Duranti E., Freschi G.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):65-9

Extranodal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma emerging on the lingual gingiva after extracting a fibrous tumor of bone from the mid mandible: a case report

Mochizuki Y., Omura K., Sakamoto K., Nakajima Y., Tushima F., Takahara N.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):71

Autologous fat for the completion of microvascular anastomosis

Nele G., Accardo G., Esposito L., Piccolo G., Schonauer F.


Chirurgia 2014 February;27(1):72

Endoscopic sphincterotomy for the treatment of recurrent pyogenic liver abscess

Başar Ö., Çoban Ş., Akbal E., Tuna Y., Erbiş H., KÖklÜ S.

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