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A Journal on Surgery

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Frequency: Bi-Monthly

ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6)


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):383-8

Colorectal cancer in the elderly: prognostic factors and surgical outcome

Zanghì A., Piccolo G., Cavallaro A., Di Vita M., Lo Menzo E., D’Agata A., Fisichella R., Cappellani A.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):389-93

Incidental diagnosis of gallbladder cancer after VLC: our experience and review of the literature

De Werra C., Di Micco R., Aloia S., Bracciano L., Del Giudice R., Cervotti M., Galloro G., Bucci L.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):395-400

Analysis of the thermal variation in the facial nerve induced by dissection of the mastoid with the use of low and high-power drills

Neto O., Oliveira T., Dias T., Rosa S., Altoé M., Moura F., Freitas T., Schechtman N., Kessler I.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):401-5

Complications of isolated radial head fracture

Bagherifard A., Yeganeh A., Ghazvinian B., Shahoseini G., Moghtadaei M.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):407-9

Mucocele of the appendix in an asymptomatic patient: case report and review of literature

Venza M., Micossi C., Lazzaro S., Lazzaro A., Falcone C., Nardoni S., Stolfi V. M.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):411-4

Primary intramedullary melanoma: a case report and review of literature

Zheng Y. C., Jung S. M., Chang J. W. C., Huang Y. C.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):415-7

Left-sided acute appendicitis and midgut malrotation: a case report and literature review

Villain B., Zarzavadjian Le Bian A., Costi R., Smadja C.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):419-23

Endovascular treatment of an acute aortoenteric fistula with combination endograft placement, detachable coils and an Amplatzer vascular plug

Stambo G. W., Berlet M., Woeste T., Van Epps K., Valentin M.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):425-8

Avoiding the risk of complications: when is surgical management of papillary fibroelastoma of the aortic valve in asymptomatic patients indicated?

Zientara A., Dzemali O., Odavic D., Homburg K., Pellegrini-Ochsner D., Genoni M.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):429-32

Hepatobiliary cystadenocarcinoma: case report and review of the literature

Mazahreh T. S., Napolitano L., Risio D., Legnini M., Filippone A., Francomano F., Bani-Hani K. E., Innocenti P.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):433-5

High-grade adenocarcinoma of the breast with squamous metaplasia: unusual intracystic localization

Accurso A., Ciancia G., Pettinato G., Rocco N.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):437-40

Mucous cyst of the nose: a rare postrhinoplasty complication

Schonauer F., Accardo G., Nele G.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):441-2

Desmoid tumor arising in a laparoscopic trocar site. Case report and literature review

Corsale I., Francioli N., Aloise F., Mori P. A., Rigutini M., Buccianelli E.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):443-5

Under-evaluation of pelvic open book lesion on common table for CT scan

Aprato A., Arrigoni C., Crosio A., Massè A.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):447-9

A place for a second opinion in the field of surgery

Palmieri B., Manenti A., Di Cerbo A., Imperiale G., Iannitti T.


Chirurgia 2013 December;26(6):451-2

Breast reconstruction with acellular dermal matrix: a brief analysis of costs

Cattin F., Semprini G., Concina S., Zanin C., Massarut S., Cedolini C., Parodi P. C., Risaliti A.

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