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ISSN 0394-9508

Online ISSN 1827-1782


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5)


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):339-44

Establishment and characterization of chronic pulmonary hypertension rat models subjected to left-to-right shunting

Lu R., Wang J., Zhong Q.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):345-7

Hyaluronic acid: our experience in postoperatory treatment of septoplasty

Klinger F., Caviggioli F., Bandi V., Vinci V., Lisa A., Cornegliani G., Klinger M.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):349-50

Castleman’s disease of parotid: a rare location. A case report

Portale T. R., Branca A., Pesce A., Scilletta R., Puleo S.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):351-3

Cerebral intraparenchymal epidermoid tumour: a case report

Aydin K., Kocabicak E., Cokluk C., Kuruoglu E., Yildiz L., Hilmi Marangoz A.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):355-7

Cervical screw extrusion into the trachea leading to perforation: a case report

Aydin K., Cokluk C., Kocabicak E., Celik B., Taslak Sengul A.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):359-62

Thoracic vertebra and rib destruction: what if not cancer?

Alar T., Kosar S., Degirmenci Y., Alkan B., Cosar M.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):363-4

A case advocating active tube clearing devices to avoid postoperative tamponade?

Moss E., Jensen H., Garceau P., Perrault L. P.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):365-70

Transesophageal echocardiography change the management of cardiac surgery in selected patients. Case series

Ünver S., Kazanci D., Özkök A., Güçlü Ç. Y., Ebru Salman A., Küçüker Ş., Aksöyek A., Vural K., Birincioğlu L.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):371-3

Postoperative intussusception in children. A single center experience

Vacic N., Krstic M., Kostic A., Bojanovic M.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):375-7

Left atrial free-floating thrombus in an octogenarian detected by scheduled transesophageal echocardiography

Morishita A., Tomioka H., Katahira S., Aizaki M., Hoshino T., Hanzawa K.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):379-82

Simultaneous bilateral thalamic hemorrhages in adults: case report and review of the literature

Ohba S., Nakagawa T., Shimizu K., Murakami H.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):383-5

Cardiac cavernous hemangioma of the right atrium

Koshida Y., Watanabe G., Tomita S., Iino K., Noda Y.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):387-9

Epidural abscess with Aspergillus niger following cranioplasty

Satow T., Saiki M., Doi K.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):391-3

The use of PET-CT in the diagnosis of femoropopliteal PTFE graft infection

Günday M.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):395-6

Horseshoe kidney and abdominal aortic aneurysm

Tirilomis T., Zenker D., Friedrich M., Stojanovic T., Schoendube F. A.


Chirurgia 2012 October;25(5):397-400

Spontaneous rupture of a giant hepatic hemangioma: case report

Lo Storto G., Frasca M., Cinquesanti L., Melino R., Montini F., Di Millo M., Di Gioia G., Tricarico F.

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